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7 Types of Traffic and How to Optimize It

Computer Desk

No business can stay afloat, let alone grow, without traffic, but the concept is such a grand piece of online marketing that it’s best to divide it into multiple topics. […]

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The Mobile Revolution: Video Content


Today, more than half of all videos watched online are viewed on a mobile device. Mobile traffic shows no signs of slowing down, and the same goes for video traffic. […]

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The Importance of Visual Content Marketing Strategy


What sort of digital media should you employ in your content marketing strategy? The answer depends on the sort of business and brand you are promoting and what your audience […]

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Must-Follow Social Media Rules for Marketers

Marketing on social media is a tremendous opportunity, but it’s possible to make mistakes and offend people or get no engagement with your brand. Before you commit to particular strategies, […]

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How to Make Your Infographic on Brand

Marketing Strategies

The overall goal of creating marketing content is for the right people to see it, engage with it, and form a connection with your business as a result. A business […]

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What Defines Quality Content

5 Stars

Goodbye, quantity content strategies, you will not be missed! These days a content marketing campaign needs to reach a balance of quality and quantity, with more emphasis on putting out […]

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The Different Types of Influencers

When it comes to marketing, nothing is as explosively effective as reaching out to influencers. While it helps to drip in leads through a targeted advertising campaign for your content, […]

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How to Overcome the Top Challenges of Content Marketing


Content marketing is only growing in popularity and efficacy for businesses all over the world. But there are barriers to success that you must strategize against if you want your […]

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How to Get Leads with Content Marketing

Leads are individuals who have qualified themselves in some way as more likely to buy from you than the average person, which is why they are more difficult to attain […]

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How to Use Keywords in Your Writing


SEO has come a long way since the early 2000s. Where it was once easy to rank websites on the first page of Google by shoving keywords into the bottom […]

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