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Mobile First Marketing Tips

Phones in Hands

Since 2016, mobile advertising has been the majority of all online promotion, which comes from an equivalent growth in mobile users. Most businesses will see a boost in their content […]

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Instagram for Local Business Marketing

Phones and Instagram Icon

Social media marketing might seem like it’s better suited to national and international businesses, but social media makes it incredibly easy to advertise to local customers. Instagram is one of […]

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Why Video Is A Must-Have in Your Content Strategy

Play Button on Computer

We’re deep into 2018, and the predictions made several years ago about video content’s potential have come true and then some. A greater portion of online traffic is coming from […]

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Why Is Your Content Not Performing Well?

5 Stars

It’s the greatest vexation a content marketer can face: No matter how much content they release and how many things they try, nothing is earning worthwhile returns. If you’re not […]

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Content for Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Diagram of Buyer Journey

Is your content divided into types that appeal to various customers and their degrees of familiarity with you? Most customers go through a series of three steps leading up to […]

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Types of Hooks to Use in Your Blog Creation

Typing on Lap Top

Imagine for a moment that a prospect has found one of your blog’s articles via an organic search. He or she clicks on the Google SERP link, checks out the […]

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Technical Writing Cheat Sheet


Businesses entering the content marketing game experience a trickier adjustment period than others, due to the technical nature of their industry and customer needs. Technical writing is an entirely separate […]

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Sentence Variety and What It Means to Your Copy


Sentence variety is one of the more technical aspects of writing good content. It relates to the length, composition, sound, and effect of each sentence within a piece of copy. […]

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The Importance of Title Tags

Person Looking at Computer Screen

Title tags are a relatively small side of content marketing and SEO, but they have an echoing effect on many parts of your website visibility. If you’re not clear on […]

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How to Get More Out of Your SEO Strategies

Computer, Laptop and Phone

From social media-supported content marketing campaigns to organic website visits, SEO is the system that irrigates each of your business’s traffic-based online goals. Sadly, SEO is such a popular topic, […]

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