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Category - Search Engine Optimization

The History of Search Engines and Content Marketing

Computer and Search Screen

Search engines have transformed the way we gather information, conduct research, shop, entertain ourselves, and connect with others. Today, there is a search engine behind every website, app, blog, and […]

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The Future of Technology and Internet Marketing

Computer and Presenter

Technology changes continually, and this means that the world of internet marketing is also constantly changing. An important part of a successful digital marketing campaign is keeping up with these […]

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The Different Types of Google SERPs

Computer Work Station

When you’re marketing a product or a service, exposure is the name of the game. The amount of it you get translates to how well your product performs in its […]

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Best Practices for SEO Content Writing

Person sitting with Laptop on Lap

In many ways, SEO (search engine optimization) had not changed since the late ‘90s, when search engines were just becoming popular ways to find things on the web. After all, […]

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8 Must-Use Tools to Measure your Competition

An underutilized, yet valuable method of digital marketing success is competitive analysis. By evaluating the shortcomings and successes of your closest competitors, you can learn valuable information about your target […]

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6 Black Hat SEO Strategies to Avoid


The term “black hat” has synonymously been associated with the villain or the bad guy. When applied to search engine optimization (SEO), black hat refers to the strategies that are […]

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Do SEO Keywords Need to be Exact in Content?

Computer, Magnifying Glass, Graph

Considering that SEO rules are generally just guesses, and that Google’s process constantly changes, let’s just say it’s hard to keep up. One area of confusion is whether you need […]

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What Is Reverse SEO And Is It Ethical?

People holding Microphones

Online content marketing and SEO are great ways for a business to get more attention, but not every SEO tactic is ethical or worth the effort. Somewhere in the middle […]

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What It Takes to Have Native Advertising Success


If you’re still relying solely on traditional display ads, you’re missing out on one of the best opportunities to grow your brand: native advertising. Keep reading to find out what […]

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Optimizing Images in Content for Google Image Search

Writing on a Tablet

Images can bring life to an otherwise visually drab piece of content. More often than many marketers realize, images can also draw users to their website. In fact, research reveals […]

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