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Category - Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing Images in Content for Google Image Search

Writing on a Tablet

Images can bring life to an otherwise visually drab piece of content. More often than many marketers realize, images can also draw users to their website. In fact, research reveals […]

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5 SEO Tactics That Are Overlooked

Computer Search

Updating websites is one of the most important tasks any company can do. Whether it’s adding a blog article, uploading photos from a company event, or creating a new page […]

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10 Technical Mistakes That Are Hurting Your SEO Results

Computer and Tools

Many components contribute to a high search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. The technical side, although just one piece of the puzzle, is a crucial piece. Think of the technical side […]

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Looking at the Current Online Marketing Ecosystem


The content marketing sphere is projected to become a $300 billion industry by 2019. Where traditional marketing efforts used to reign, online content marketing has begun its domination of the […]

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The New Length of Meta Descriptions

Computer and keyboard

In a never-ending effort to improve search engine results for its users, Google has recently adjusted the length of page descriptions or “snippets.” This has increased the potential character limit […]

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Google’s Page Speed Update

Google Webpage

When you want to make your brand as visible as possible, staying on top of the latest search engine optimization (SEO) strategies is essential. Google’s January 2018 announcement regarding updates […]

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6 Things Forgotten in SEO Optimization

Computer Screen

Search engine optimization goes beyond choosing your keywords and scattering them throughout the content. Solid SEO is about smart placement of your most important words and phrases so search engines […]

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Content Marketing Completes the SEO Puzzle

Puzzle Piece

Content marketing and SEO are often approached as two separate departments or skills. If you segregate these two entities, you’ll find that your content performance tends to fall just short […]

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6 Tips for Content Marketing Success

Computer and phone

Many marketing professionals want to create great content and know they need to create great content to succeed. However, content marketing success eludes them. No matter what they seem to […]

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Hold the Stuffing: How to Properly Implement Keywords Into Your Content


In a sea of content, standing out among the pack is most marketing writers’ ultimate goal. While you can achieve this by creating engaging, interesting, and shareable content that is […]

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