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How to Know if You Need Hua’s Help

The Internet is an apocalyptic landfill of useless and lame websites that no reader would be caught dead visiting. Do not let your site be one of them. While you […]

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Top Ways HUA Can Help Your Business

When social media entered the online scene, marketing campaigns were restructured. Gone are the days of traditional media when companies used radio, TV and print as channels to commercialize their […]

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Top Ways to Promote Your App

In January 2011, downloads for iPhone apps exceeded 10 billion with an average of 30 million downloads each day. The Android platform is rapidly catching up with close to four […]

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A Writer’s Guide to Working With Keywords (Without Tearing Your Hair Out)

When you became a writer, you no doubt had some fantasies about life as a professional wordsmith. You’d wake up– never before 9 a.m., mind you– and spend all day […]

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Importance of Link Building: Low-quality vs. High-quality

Since people are spending more and more time online, companies are transitioning their marketing approaches from more traditional forms of advertising to digital marketing. One of the most profitable approaches […]

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