The end of the 2013 is nigh and that means one thing for most companies: a marketing budget dump in Q4. If you don’t use it, you lose it, so why not get in the holiday spirit and put a cause marketing plan into play.

Cause Marketing: what it is and what it isn’t.

According to Cause Marketing can be defined as the following:

“Cause Marketing encompasses a wide variety of commercial activity that aligns a company or brand with a cause to generate business and societal benefits.”

This is not to be confused with Corporate Philanthropy (donations without the anticipation of corporate gain) or marketing performed by nonprofit and public organizations to impact the behavior of our society, such as the Tobacco Free Florida commercials seen on television.

What CopyPress is doing in Q4 – Saving The Ta Tas:

In case you missed Dave Snyder’s post on How We Approached Our October Marketing Budget, here’s a recap. October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, but we got a little bit of a late start so CopyPress was and still is pink.

Not only did we turn the homepage and website pink to promote awareness we also put up a huge chunk of our marketing spend for breast cancer research.

“Our goal is to spend $10,000. All we ask is that marketers help us out by signing up for our private beta and keep us from wasting the money on marketing and send $10 for every sign up to an amazing cause.”

– Dave Snyder and the Marketing Team

We took our commitment to PubCon and during those two days our team garnered 150 new signups for our beta software, and to date we have raised $6,000.00 for breast cancer research. By the way, our pledge is almost over, so before it’s too late go ahead and sign up for our software beta trial and raise some money for breast cancer research.

What Others Are Doing

As much as I love talking and writing about CopyPress and our philanthropic efforts, here are a few notable Cause Marketing campaigns in play right now.

  • Yoplait’s Save Lids Save Lives will be making a maximum donation of $1,500,000 to Susan G. Komen based on the number of lids submitted
  • Elizabeth Arden’s Pin It to Give It – Every time someone repins from Elizabeth Arden’s Pin It to Give It board, one tube of lipstick will be donated.
  • Apple is partnering with (RED) to sell red Apple products  for AIDS relief – $65 million dollars raised to date.

If you’re a really small company and don’t have time to muster a full blown Cause Marketing plan, look into Corporate Philanthropy. Follow the lead of these examples:

Why You Should Cause Market

There are many good reasons to kick off a Cause Marketing campaign before the year ends, here are just a few:

  • 91% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause, given comparable price and quality. (via 2013 Cone Communications/ Echo Global CSR Study)
  • 50% of global consumers said they would be willing to reward companies that give back to society by paying more for their goods and services (44% in the U.S. and 38% in Canada). (via Nielsen 2013 Consumers Who Care Study)
  • If you’re aligned appropriately to your cause there’s the potential for positive PR.
  • This will win you public approval when done right.
  • It’s good karma to help others.
  • It’s tax-refundable. See here for more details.

No matter how big or small, or rich or poor your company is, get in the spirit of the season and give, give, give!