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Changing the Company Mindset About Content Marketing (or Anything Else)


May 22, 2013 (Updated: January 25, 2023)

Many in-house marketers have told me how their company does not understand the importance of content marketing. They struggle,  argue and often get no support to complete tasks. So here are some suggestions that might help.

Educated Everyone, Not Just Decision Makers

For effective content marketing you will need a lot of data and a good amount of this data will come from other staff members. If you start educating everyone, not just your “bosses”, on “why” what you are doing is needed you will have people to back you up. You need a team behind you for decision making and team behind you to help you complete your future tasks.

This is also an opportunity to make others feel important (which moves me to my next point).

Everyone Has Something to Contribute

Everyone is important and has information you need to make your content marketing work.

Every member of a staff has data and information to contribute. It isn’t just sales people, marketers and managers that matter. Secretaries and assistants deal with clients more than anyone and often they get asked the most questions. These people can fill you in on what people are looking for, what questions they have, what irritates clients and they can provide you data on your target audiences. You need data from everyone.

Next, sit down with those that have always dealt with traditional forms of advertising and find out what works, what doesn’t and which audiences responded to which forms of marketing. Your next move…

Show The Advertising Team How to Integrate Online and Offline Marketing

Once you let the traditional advertising folks know that you know you have something to learn from them you can start bonding with them. Let them know you respect what they have done and you’re all are on the same side. Then you will have an opportunity to show them how to integrate online and offline marketing. You can show them how to integrate your website, social and Internet marketing strategies into commercials, magazines, advertisements, etc. These are staff members you need on your side.

Get Opinions, From Everyone

When you go up to a team/staff member and say, “What do you think about this?” you accomplish multiple things:

  • You make them feel like their opinion matters – confidence booster (they like you for that).
  • You get good feedback you might not have thought of – info is good!
  • You have a new opportunity to educate a team member on why you are doing what you are doing – backup!
  • You get ideas for additional marketing strategies – blog posts, infographics, tutorials, videos etc.

The truth is most of us are smart, but we can always learn from other views and opinions. We don’t know everything so we need to get the advice of others. If you want people to listen to you then you have to be open to listening to others and show appreciation for the advice you have received.

The Goal: To Create a Unified Team with Unified Goals

The bottom line is you need a supportive team that will work hard with you to meet your goals. The only way to grab as much support as possible is to be kind and educate. Don’t make people feel stupid, just find a way to get in there and help them understand what it is you do and what you plan on doing.

When you have the back up of several team members you have a better shot at convincing your manager or boss. When a team believes in something and has unified goals good work gets done. Everyone is going to have to work together to make things work. You can unify your team by educating everyone and the team can then work together on unified goals.

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May 22, 2013 (Updated: January 25, 2023)

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