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Company Culture 911

According to a survey done by Right Management, only 19% of workers in the US are satisfied with their jobs. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a pretty sad number. I think one’s feelings toward their work stems from their surrounding environment. Clearly the other 81% of employees are unhappy and could possibly be feeling unchallenged, unrecognized and disrespected.

When employees enjoy their work, they do more of it and they do it better. Therefore in order to maintain a productive staff you must throw out the toxicity. Here are a few symptoms of toxic company culture and solutions.

Lack of Accountability

At CopyPress, one of our core values is Accountability. This is a big one. If no one is held liable or holds themselves liable for actions then a mess will surely ensue. Employees aren’t able to learn, improve, or fix problems.

shutterstock_11696125Issues become impossible to solve because no one is taking ownership of the problem at hand. Always strive to get better and do better. Holding others and yourself accountable allows you to see your misfortunes and resolve, learn, and improve upon them.


  • Hold meetings to ensure each person is fully aware of their responsibility on a given project.
  • Confront problems appropriately.
  • Keep constant communication with each other.
  • Give credit on successful work.

Unfair Treatment

Unfair treatment can go both ways. Are you given the work of three people and receive little to no appreciation? Are you the one who can get away with anything because you’re a favorite? Either way this is extremely toxic.

Corporations suffer from political behavior that should be eliminated. If employees see that someone is being mistreated either in a negative or positive way it spreads like wildfire. Employees will begin to disrespect their leader if they know that leader is showing favoritism. They won’t want to go above and beyond knowing that they will get no credit or recognition for their work.


  • Delegation is key here.
  • Make sure your teams are getting an even amount of work, responsibility and recognition when you can.
  •  A pat on the back moves mountains for some people and it’s easy to do.

Lack of Humility

Check your ego at the door. When we have too many big egos in one environment it causes friction and uncertainty. Instead, each project should be worked on as a team, a collective effort and therefore a collective success.

shutterstock_114449920At CopyPress, our services tie into together with the Content Lifecycle. Each department works together intuitively in order to achieve the same thing—a successful product to our clients. You can’t achieve this if one person is taking the credit when due and passing off the blame at slip-ups.


This is a tricky one, how do you bring people back down to size?

  • Lead by example and give recognition often and in large groups.
  • Confront appropriately by letting your colleague know how their behavior makes you feel.

Community Absence

It’s easy to get in a habit of clocking your eight hours and shuffling back home right after. Small things like eating lunch together or grabbing Starbucks as a team can go miles for some people. Having a sense of community with your coworkers makes your work environment enjoyable.


  • Outings or events are a great way to bring the team together and celebrate the past quarter’s successes.
  • Brown bag “lunch and learns” get teams together to eat during lunch — and increases their skill sets.

Changing a company’s toxic culture doesn’t happen in one day or by one person. It takes the group to really come together and eliminate the toxins and promote a positive work environment.

Morgan1What does your company do to promote a happy workforce? What ideas do you have to eliminate toxic culture with a company?

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