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September 26, 2012 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

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Social media is more than just an outlet to share your latest life development. There are so many ways you can utilize social media to your own greater good, especially when creating connections with bloggers.  If approached the right way, social media has the opportunity to be more personable than any other form of communication.


Increase Credibility

Social media has the possibility to create your own self-branding. You can show off your personality, skill set and achievements for the entire world to see.  Using social the right way generates more credibility than a short email message that could potentially be sent from a robot, a child or a monkey pretty much.  Potential targets can view your profiles and see all your past posts and get a sense of who you are as an individual to help them decide if you’re a blogger who they would work with or not.

Sounds good right? Not if you’re not growing your profiles professionally. This means you need to make sure you’re updating your profiles with recent posts and sharing relevant and resourceful information.  Make sure you have a real photo, so you’re not conveyed as some mysterious man behind a mark.

Find New Targets

Twitter is a great resource for searching to find that next killer target. Searching through Twitter hashtags is a great way to narrow down the selection.  Using the Twitter search for hashtags like #guestbloggers will reveal a slew of tweets like this.

Build Your Audience

Potential bloggers will be more interested in what you have to offer if you already have a strong following. They know that if you have an active audience that frequently shares your posts, they will get a good number of shares if you post on their blog. If they visit your profile and see that nothing is going on or the last update made was 7 months ago they won’t feel as inclined to connect with you. Make sure you’re actively connecting with new people and having open conversations, sharing relevant posts which will in return have your followers wanting to share your posts.

Maintain Strong Relationships

If you’re trying to connect with a new blogger or have already connected with the blogger make sure you connect socially. Everyone loves forms of flattery so it will be a good idea to have them under you radar so you can share their latest blog posts, answer their questions or just tell them how awesome they are. They won’t get enough of it.

Give Gratitude

Always give thanks to bloggers for connecting with you and publishing your content. This will help you maintain the relationship and show them how appreciative you are for having them post your articles.

Tips on Utilizing Different Platforms


Once you’ve got a clear list of keywords, head over to Pinterest and plop these terms into the search bar. Scan the results for both boards and people tabs to find ideal matches that meet the topic and criteria you’re aiming for. Take a look at the content to see the overall quality; you’ll definitely want to shoot for the pins with the most social activity. When you see pins that meet these requirements look to find the person who pinned it and evaluate them as a Pinterest user. How strong of a following do they have? Are they regular contributors? Do they have a good website? Etc.

Once you’ve determined if they are a good potential target, connect with them by building a relationship via all of your social networking profiles and contribute to their communities. Hopefully this will get you on their radar, and increase your chances of “accepted”  guest post inquiries.


As mentioned before, twitter is a great source to find new potential targets. There are several ways to effectively use Twitter to find the best current guest post opportunities.

Identify key influencers.  A tool like Followerwonk is great for finding and connecting with new influences in your vertical.

Utilize Twitter lists. Using twitter lists will allow you to know exactly which blogs are in your niche.  You’ll want to add key influencers or active bloggers within your vertical to your list and frequently monitor their activity. Tools like Hootsuite are great for this type of monitoring.


Find your potential targets Facebook page and like it, share their posts, and add relevant and engaging comments. Starting a conversation with comments is a great way to get noticed and they will enjoy having the interaction on their page. Eventually, they might feel more inclined to pay back the favor and comment on your page, reply back to your email or spark an interest in accepting your new guest post request.


LinkedIn is a great way to connect on a more professional level seeing as it’s basically your online resume. This can be treated as a valuable networking tool if used properly.  You should use LinkedIn as a way to get introduced formally to a potential target.  LinkedIn shows you mutual connections and how close they are connected.  If you know someone you’re connected with on LinkedIn is connected with a potential target, shoot them an email to see if they will introduce you.


There are so many ways to grow your blogger outreach efforts socially. Whether you’re trying to find new relationships, connecting with influencers, or maintaining your current connections social media tactics will be a successful tactic to apply.

What social media strategies do you apply for your outreach strategy?

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