Why Consistent Copywriting Should Be a Content Goal

Christy Walters


August 17, 2021 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

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In today’s marketing landscape, we’re living in a visual world. So much of how we connect with customers or promote products and services relies on video clips and visual advertisements. This might lead some companies to think that copywriting just isn’t that important anymore. Don’t be one of those companies. Even the success of your visual content comes back to consistent copywriting.

Why Does Consistent Copywriting Matter?

Copywriting matters, but consistent copywriting matters even more. Think about all the content you create. Are just any words going to do? Or do you want them to catch people’s attention? Copywriting is more than slapping words on a website and moving on. You have to do it right and be consistent. What do we mean by that? We mean using the same tone, phrasing, humor, and style elements everywhere you post your copy. With the right effort, consistent copywriting can:

Increase Conversions

No matter what business you’re in, you’re always looking for conversions. They can differ based on your industry, but have the same goal: you want people to complete an action. Consistent copy that targets what makes your audience react can persuade them to make that conversion. For example, at CopyPress we often reference our content analysis tool, which helps our audience members discover how their content compares to their top three industry competitors and finds gaps in their strategies to take advantage of low-competition and high-search-volume keywords.

We try to use the same wording and messaging in multiple pieces of content to create consistent branding for this tool. Using these same tactics across all your channels can get people thinking that making the conversion is the right way to go, all thanks to creatively worded copy.

Build Authenticity

Even the world’s biggest adventure seekers and go-with-the-flow people like some level of routine. By being authentic with your audience through consistent copy, you can replicate the sense of security people get from routine and knowing what to expect.

Have you ever had a “friend” who was nice to your face and talked about you behind your back? Did their inconsistency make them seem fake? This can happen with copy too. Being funny on social media but having a website that reads like a technical manual makes your brand seem confused and inauthentic. Consistency builds trust and makes the customer experience the same, no matter who you’re serving or where you’re serving them.

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Create Connections

Good copywriting makes your audience feel something. That feeling depends on the conversion you’re trying to make. You may want people to feel excited, compassionate, fearful, or even angry. Having an emotional response to something helps you connect with it more deeply. Think about your best and worst memories in life. They’re likely all wrapped up in emotion. Some of your quickest snap decisions probably also come from feelings and emotions. So how do you capitalize on that with your business? Through expertly worded copy.

Provide Quality

Doing your job right leads to a better result. If you were going to hire a construction company to work on your house, would you want one that makes leaning buildings and crooked doorways? Or someone who’s accident-prone? Probably not.

Similar principles apply to copywriting. Articles and ads with typos, confusing sentences, and unintended repetition are all signs of inexperience in copywriting. We said it before, but doing this job well is more than just slapping words together and moving on. And if you’re doing that, you’re not providing value and quality to your customers. Think about how it looks to your audience. If you can’t even proofread your copy, what are your products going to look like?

Become Familiar

I’m lovin‘ it. Just do it. Give me a break. Maybe she’s born with it. I haven’t given you any logos or any other context, but I bet you can associate all those slogans with a brand. Do you know why? Because of consistent copywriting. You see these slogans on TV ads and billboards; you hear them on the radio, and you immediately associate them with the right company. That’s the power of using consistency and creating a brand voice.

Using consistent copy across all your channels helps with brand recognition. It becomes a part of your company identity, letting people recognize you not just by your visuals, but by your word choice too. If you’re looking for a content partner to develop everything from blog posts to interactive media in your brand style, trust CopyPress. Start a call with us today to discover how a content partner that values consistent copywriting benefits your company.

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