Whether you are new to CopyPressed or haven’t dropped by in a while to see what we are up to, enjoy this round-up of articles that show-off what we do and why we love doing it. From the internal staff to our amazing contributors, here is the content life cycle as told by four blog articles:

Content Creation:

Let’s Talk About Type – Serif – Transitional

It’s time to keep our discussion rolling on the ever effervescent Serif family. Last time our journey took us back to the 15th century where we discussed Humanist and then into the early 1500’s where Old Style was defined and […]


Mass-Produced Pitch Emails: You’re Not Fooling Anyone

Sometimes it can take me a week to write an article; sometimes it can take even longer. I seem to struggle with finding the motivation to write when I am writing about something objective or informational, however there are days […]


How to Avoid Violating Social Networks’ Spam Guidelines

Getting flagged as a spammer (intentionally or not) is the easiest way to lose your online credibility. No one likes to receive spam and they especially hate to be bothered by it on Facebook or Twitter. If you have been […]


Why Download the White Paper When You Can Get the Blog for Free?

A lot of B2B businesses use white papers and other gated content as a form of lead generation. It’s seems like a fairly straightforward trade-off, right? A reader (prospective customer) gives you their name and email address and in exchange […]