Welcome to another year! Everyone is back from vacation, and ready to tackle the content marketing world in 2018. There are many changes happening, with content marketing and here you’ll learn about a number of them.

Some changes are an update of what’s happening, while others are new or innovative ways of marketing. For business owners looking to make this year the one they maximize their content marketing plan, these ideas make sure they grow, reach the top, and continue to stay there. Here are nine things to look for in the new year when growing your content marketing strategy.

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More Content Focusing on the Customer

Consumers go to companies showing an interest in what they want. They don’t want a business that just talks about them, what’s in it for the customer? Use analytics to get insights into what they’re looking for. An even better choice is to send a survey to your email list asking them what their biggest struggle is. This goes for any field, from retail to technology. Use those results to produce blog posts, courses, or products that solve their problem.

Influencer Marketing Continues to Rise

Influencers range from celebrities to ordinary people, both with huge followings. Consumers look at what they’re endorsing at the moment, and it translates into a greater visibility for a company. Has your company been hesitant to use an influencer? It’s not too late. Connect with someone who aligns with the company’s mission, and believes in what you do.

A Social Media Strategy is Still Important

If your company doesn’t have a social media strategy, it’s far behind. The purpose of a company isn’t just talking about what they do. It’s about creating relationships with the consumer. A social media strategy helps target multiple groups and deliver services and products benefiting them. Go over your analytics to see which platform attracts more customers and eliminate the ones that are a waste of time. Then, create a strategy to post at certain times, what to post, and other ways to engage with consumers.

Feeling confused on how to start? Copypress is a content marketing company created to help businesses reach customers. They help plan social media content and blog posts.

Create Multiple Forms of Content

Even though focusing on the right social media for your business is important, there needs to be an uptick in multiple forms of content for 2018. Blog and social media posts are great, but to stand out, different types of content for your company is a must. Look at adding video, content optimization, advertising, and branding. Media is consumed in lots of forms now, and it’s crucial to stay on top of them. Make sure your content marketing team is working on it.

Transparency is Crucial

There are instances where companies weren’t honest about their policies and practices. Do not let that happen to yours. Consumers put a lot of trust into a company. They’re taking time to research and study them, and they create a level of trust with a company. A major slip-up and the trust is gone.

Let consumers know what is happening within the company, even if it’s bad. A company admitting its mistakes at the beginning shows the consumer they are serious at keeping the relationship strong with them. Share major news with everyone through newsletters, social media, and within the office from top to bottom.

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Content Is Published on Social Media 

Social Media is a huge part of our lives. People are using their smartphones to check out the latest post on Facebook, a tweet, or an Instagram story. Companies not taking advantage of this trend are missing out on prospective customers. While publishing a post on your website and sending it to your email subscribers, take it up a notch and create a short video summary to post on Twitter. Use Facebook and Instagram to publish stories and live videos about what you’re doing or give advice. Mix these in with your social media strategy.

Content is Becoming Less Desktop, More Mobile

A recent study pointed out that 69 percent of digital media is being used on a smartphone. Is your content optimized for mobile? It is not too late to get on board and work with your team to create content that flows easily from a work computer to laptop to a smartphone.

Alexa and Siri bring the Internet off the Internet

This idea of not using your browser to do things online was absurd a few years ago. Now Siri is used to find the best route to take and Alexa to re-order paper towels. It seems weird using these platforms to create content but think about it. Not only do people use these services to do commands, they also get information instead of searching on a web browser.

So how do you use these for your company? Use Alexa’s Skill feature to deliver content to consumers. Make it short and simple, about 10 minutes to talk about your latest features or to promote an upcoming webinar. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll reach another range of audience to hear your content.

Companies Targeting Content to Certain Groups

Finally, for those with a huge email list, instead of sending out the same content to everyone, create funnels when someone signs up for your newsletter. Some people enjoy watching quick videos, others prefer to read a lengthy blog post, and there are some who only want to hear about the latest new product or course. Offering a variety of services keeps them engaged and they’ll stick around longer.

This is just the beginning of what to look for in 2018. These nine things are a great foundation to start with and help your content marketing flourish this year. Even if you’ve seen these before, it doesn’t hurt to try these tips again or put a different spin on them. Make this year the one to increase your content marketing.