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November 21, 2017 (Updated: May 16, 2023)


Artificial intelligence is no longer relegated to science fiction movies and the fears of conspiracy theorists. AI development has made its way into a wide variety of industries, from the automotive empire to home care. Though we’re bound to see expansive growth in AI tech in the near future, it’s already stimulating innovation in organizations across the world.

AI innovation has also made its way into the marketing industry, where artificial intelligence enhances the connection between creativity and data, as well as between marketers and their audiences. Here are some of the most effective content marketing AI tools that have caught our attention.

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein adds artificial intelligence into the popular Salesforce process. By analyzing opportunities and leads, Einstein tells marketers how likely leads are to close. It will also update records and remind users to follow up on the most promising leads. Since its release, Einstein has gained an additional “Marketing Cloud Einstein” that generates recommendations based on the marketing channels you connect to the artificial intelligence. Marketing Cloud Einstein will also use analytical tools to make suggestions for narrowing a target audience.

Post Intelligence

Post Intelligence is the Siri for your social media content marketing. Using advanced techniques like deep learning, verbal networks, and more, Post Intelligence makes suggestions regarding the right content to post at the right time, according to your target audience. That suggested content may not always be your own original content, however, and is likely to include other people’s content that’s worth sharing, including articles and videos from news outlets.

In addition, Post Intelligence provides users with personalized trending topics, engagement analysis, post engagement prediction, and more. Post Intelligence can be your own personal assistant for your social media content marketing needs.


Boomtrain takes website analytics to the next level by monitoring how a user is interacting with your website. Boomtrain analyzes that data with respect to their response to your email campaigns and provides you with appropriate insights. Rather than giving you solitary data points, Boomtrain’s AI technology uses behavioral analysis to help you maximize your content marketing efforts.


OneSpot gives users what they really want and what marketers ultimately want to deliver: personalized content. Using machine-learning algorithms, OneSpot matches users with personalized content based on their behavior and characteristics. OneSpot then grows by using the analyzed behavior and characteristics to generate datasets that OneSpot integrates into its algorithms, allowing it to provide users with better content.

This development helps “brands create deep relationships with users through repeated, sustained engagement,” according to the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute. When users receive the content they want before they even know they want it, brands are more likely to become a reliable resource capable of consistently meeting the user’s needs.


CopyPress has some personal experience with Atomic Reach thanks to our collaboration on a whitepaper that describes how to use AI to improve user engagement, so you could say we’re already fans of Atomic AI.

Atomic Reach’s artificial intelligence platform provides tools to help maximize brands’ ROI. In fact, according to the Atomic Reach website, “International Healthcare Company saw 447% more traffic after using Atomic AI” while “Media Company increased Facebook conversions by 400% with Atomic AI.” How did Atomic help facilitate such astronomical improvements? By providing focused, practical guidance along every step of the content development process.

Using machine-learning, Atomic generates custom and predictive recommendations that guide you toward creating content aimed at your audience. However, generating content is about more than the words you write; it’s also about timing. Taking that into account, Atomic also analyzes current topics and trends, as well as user interaction with those trends, to suggest what to center content on and what channels you should use to publish the finished content.

Once content is finished, Atomic also goes so far as to tell you the best time of day for you to publish in order to maximize your exposure to your audience. Plus, Atomic doesn’t stop with the publishing of your content. In order to further improve future content, Atomic analyzes and reports the content that is particularly “resonating with your audience.” With all these tools in one place, Atomic AI is guaranteed to improve ROI by streamlining the entire content development process.


In content marketing, audience is everything. Taking that into account, marketers use data, research, analysis, and more in an attempt to understand audiences before using that information to serve those audiences the content that they deserve. AI technology now makes it easier than ever before to understand audiences and tailor content to them. That’s what Cortex does. Cortex is a suite of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language generation and processing technologies, according to the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute.

Cortex gets down to the smallest of details surrounding what audiences want most, even down to the best colors for a photo or the most effective brightness and resolution for a video. Cortex can also convert written content into database entries that the software can analyze to find patterns illustrating the particular aspects of your content that are connecting with audiences.

Cortex prides itself on being the “first software to combine all of the new tools into one workflow for marketers,” according to Cortex CEO Brennan White. “We’ve built the self-driving car for marketing. It empowers marketers to be more effective and support their work with data.” That data provides marketers with the evidence necessary to imbue them with confidence in their decisions.

Content marketers need not worry about artificial intelligence technology stealing away their jobs. Instead, marketers would do well to look into the ever-expanding spectrum of AI tech in order to stimulate growth in their organization. With all of the available tools, marketers will find the technology necessary for expanding audiences, improving ROI, and participating in the active innovation of the marketing industry. As marketers continue to adopt AI tools, they can, as Brennan White adds, “become more powerful in their organizations by being able to support their creative choices with data and prove the ROI of their ideas.”

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