We are all out there trying to create content that is memorable, helpful and targeted at the right audience, but how are we being remembered?

Are we remembered as boring? As a smart company? As a smart company with boring content? Or, how about a great company with a kind heart?

Remember, you MUST find a way to get your targeted audiences to want to invest in your company over someone else’s. Sometimes the best way to do that is to let them see who you really are. Use emotion to pull people in and show that emotion in away that is memorable.

An Example of Brilliance: WestJet

WestJet creates a video each year that truly shows their love of Christmas. Is it a marketing ploy? Sure, BUT I believe, based on the effort shown, that the marketing direction is based on something that matters deeply to someone/some people at WestJet.

This year WestJet set up a Santa to talk to each passenger before they got on the plane and asked them something they would want for Christmas. The folks at WestJet had people run out and get every item people said they wanted. When the passengers arrived at their destination there were wrapped gifts waiting for each person. Video cameras were there as well:

The reason this is such a brilliant marketing strategy is because it touches people’s hearts. The viewer can see the joy and the emotions that the passengers had and also the amazing effort on WestJet’s part to make this happen. It also is based on Christmas…a holiday many people are focused on at the moment.

WestJet appears to be a very caring and outstanding group of people based on this video. They also became unforgettable and the people featured in the video, their emotional response is unforgettable too.

The above video on YouTube was my first introduction to WestJet, but when the video was over there were related videos and I learned so much more about them. What I learned, from user-posted videos, is that WestJet is a unique and funny company. It appears that they want their clientele to be happy and really enjoy their flights.

I hate to fly, but I now want to fly on WestJet. Why? They give a hoot and they are nice people <– THIS is my perception based on the marketing they have provided which was backed up by their clients via YouTube. Perception is everything.

What the Everyday Business Should Takeaway

Whatever marketing strategies you use you want to make sure that your business is remembered with a positive emotion that is very memorable.

It is up to you to discover a way to let people see who you are. Don’t be fake because people can see right through that. Find something that is close to your heart and use it to reach your audience.

I know an attorney that always has his dog in his advertisements online and offline. He clearly loves his dog, which must mean he has a kind heart, right? Who knows? He could be a complete whack job, but he is known as the attorney with the dog…so he must be nice.

Your company doesn’t consist of just cement and windows. Let people see what matters to you and you are suddenly much more appealing than a company that appears to just be “cement and windows.”