Marketing departments across all industries are increasingly looking for content creation options outside of full-time, in-house writers. They want to create more content without paying for someone’s salary, and they need assets that a single person might not be able to create. As a result, they typically turn to one of two options: contracting freelance labor or outsourcing content with a vendor.

Both of these options have their pros and cons; however, outsourced vendors are starting to get an edge on freelancers. Here’s why choosing a content creation company for your marketing needs is better than taking on freelancers.

Save the Time of Vetting and Training Freelancers

Image via Flickr by Marcie Casas

Taking on freelance workers can be as frustrating as hiring employees. You have to post job descriptions, filter out unqualified applicants, and test your top candidates to make sure they can meet your standards. This is actually more work than you might realize. Some of the top freelance job sites have massive communities of thousands of writers. One job post could result in hundreds of emails of interest. Sorting through the pile to find the best applicants can be incredibly time-consuming.

Along with finding freelancers, your in-house marketers also have to train them. They need to understand your brand’s writing style and work with you to create the exact content you need. This can become a long and frustrating process if you work with multiple freelancers, each of which will learn at their own pace.

By outsourcing content, you can skip this process and focus on finding one agency that works for you. You don’t have to worry about vetting freelance talent, as the content creation company does that for you. You simply focus on your content goals, and the provider will do the heavy lifting of finding people to fulfill them for you.

Never Worry About Losing Your Talent

Along with spending time finding and training freelancers, internal marketing departments also have to worry about losing their talent. Think about all the effort you put into finding a writer. What if it all goes to waste because they find a better offer? In the same way a company struggles with production when in-house employees leave, marketing teams struggle to create content when their freelancers can’t work for them anymore. There might be a downtime of a few weeks or a few months while the freelancers are replaced.

Businesses never have to worry about that when they outsource their content creation. Even if a few freelancers stop working for a content creator such as CopyPress, there are dozens of others to pick up the work. Your content will always be delivered on time, and there will always be someone to write it.

Tap Into Multiple Services in One Location

There’s no doubt that today’s freelancers are highly skilled and able to adapt to your needs, but even the best freelance content creators have gaps in their abilities. No one is an expert in everything, even when they work hard and strive to be the best. Even if you ask a freelancer to take on something new and research a different process, they might not get the same results as someone who is an expert in their field.

At CopyPress, we work with freelancers who specialize in certain creation and marketing strategies and tap into their expertise. For example, our writers draft effective guides and eBooks, while our graphic designers focus on infographic creation. We don’t need our writers to become graphic designers or vice versa.

When you outsource your content marketing, you can choose from a long list of services. You don’t have to worry about vetting the skills of freelancers or asking your freelance team to do something they’re not comfortable with. The quality remains the same, and you only have to sign one invoice each month.

Scale Your Content Production More Easily

Small businesses might feel comfortable working with one or two freelancers when their production schedule is small. After all, it doesn’t make sense to onboard a whole team if you only need to publish one post per week. But what happens when you want to scale your growth? Even if you want to double production to two posts per week, it could take weeks or find another freelancer or convince your existing writers to take on more work.

When you outsource your content to a professional company, you can scale up or down as much as you need to with minimal wait times. It’s not uncommon for clients to approach CopyPress looking for a handful of blog posts, only to scale up to create hundreds of product descriptions and outreach articles. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your marketing goals because you lack the resources to hire and vet additional freelancers. Scale as much as you need to with outsourced content vendors.

Ensure Standardized Content Regardless of The Team Size

Content companies like CopyPress tap into a standard organizational structure to streamline the flow of production. A team of writers focuses on creating content based on a set of guidelines, while a team of editors reviews the content and makes sure it’s accurate, what the client wants, and standardized for a unified voice, as well as spelling, grammar, and usage.

Before the content is sent to the client, both a project manager and a quality assurance specialist review the content to make sure it meets client standards and that nothing slipped through the cracks. Essentially, at least four pairs of eyes approve the content for its quality and needs before our clients see it.

Due to these extra steps built into the production process, our clients can rest assured, knowing they’re getting high-quality content that meets their standards. No matter whether they’re ordering four pieces per month or 40, the quality of the content never varies.

Every marketing team has its own unique needs and goals. Some work with their freelancers for years and never have any problems with production or sales. However, if your company is planning to grow its content production in 2018, and you want a variety of content types for your website, consider outsourcing your content to CopyPress. The flexibility and scale will outweigh any extra costs to your business.