There are so many things CopyPress does to help agencies expand their content marketing horizons. From streamlining, managing, and scaling content across multiple clients and campaigns to providing a team to help you every step of the way, CopyPress knows how to make content marketing a success for agencies in need.

If you work for an agency that needs a content marketing boost, look no further. CopyPress is here to get you where you need to be. CopyPress is the agency’s agency.

Content Creation

CopyPress knows content. As we said, we have nailed our process for streamlining, managing, and scaling it. No matter how many clients or campaigns there are, we can effectively handle your content needs. We have proven success with multiple clients who have largely scaled their content and continue to do so. How do we do this?

The Community

CopyPress has a massive community of hundreds of tried and true, certified creatives who have gone through a strict vetting process. Our creatives specialize in creating copy, infographics, interactive media, videos, and web development.

Going even further, many of these creatives have specialties in different verticals. This means they have blogs dedicated to a specific niche, have social proof showing their authority in that niche (on sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter), are published on a variety of sites, have proven their expertise in the niche, and have the writing chops to boot.  These creatives are passionate about their verticals, and it shows in the detail and authority of their writing.

If you have a very specific niche and we don’t have writers specializing in it already, we reach out to and recruit creatives for your project. They are vetted just as rigorously. We use creatives who can provide results and who are experts in their field.

The Process

We have many layers strategically placed to ensure you get what you need when you need it. Before any work gets started, we get all the information we need from you so we can create a comprehensive style guide. You get final approval of the style guide so nothing gets missed.

We look at style, format, examples of content you like, examples of content you hate, what you want to stay away from, and what you absolutely want to include. If you have multiple campaigns with different requirements, we provide a new style guide for each and every campaign.

Our process includes free ideation. We come up with the ideas and you approve them or provide feedback. We ideate until we nail exactly the type of topic you’re looking for. We also conduct a test piece before we launch into full-scale production. At this stage, we can work out any details that may not have come up earlier.

After style guide, ideation, and test piece approval, we agree on an editorial calendar to hold all sides accountable so we provide timely delivery and you know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.

When your order is placed, it is assigned to a trusted writer and editor team. This writer and editor use the style guide to create great content that meets your standards. This content then goes through the appropriate manager (copy, rich media, or connections) and a QA manager to ensure the highest quality possible.

The rich media content process allows you to approve writing, wireframe, and overall design as we go so you don’t end up with a final product you weren’t expecting.

Our internal processes allow us to manage multiple campaigns with multiple clients and multiple formats. If you want a combination of copy, connections, and rich media for multiple clients, you got it. We even offer a B2B marketing package that incorporates all of our services so you get the most bang for your buck.

Each workflow for each type of content and each client is slightly different. It may seem like a lot to manage, which is why we manage all the moving parts for you. You have only one point of contact throughout your whole experience.

Content Promotion

You have great content and you want it to be shared. We understand that. CopyPress has publisher relationships and outreach capabilities to get your content seen. Our vetted community includes a large inventory of influencers. We use these influencers to get help your content reach a larger audience.


We leverage our publisher relationships to work for you, and unlike other companies, CopyPress provides you with websites up-front. You get to approve the websites before we even get started. We follow-pre-approved guidelines so we’re only targeting the sites you really want. We have streamlined our outreach workflow and it’s built to maintain consistency and quality.

The information we get from you allows us to build a style guide for websites that are a perfect match for you in terms of vertical, quality, and target audience. We use that guide for your outreach campaign and measure all sites against it. When we have the sites we think would pair perfectly with your needs, you get the list to approve them.

Once you approve those publishers, we work with them to ideate and create content that is relevant to both you and the publisher. You approve the ideas and the content before the final draft is sent to the publisher to post on their site. Before anything ever goes lives, you get the final say on how it looks.

Syndication Program

CopyPress’ large inventory of influencers, publishers, and other existing relationships allowed us to develop a system for content syndication. This system is built to scale.

It’s simple. We find relevant publishers for your content, we pitch approved content to the publishers that’s ready to be syndicated, and those publishers publish that content and disclose that it was originally published elsewhere and where it can be found.

It’s true that many companies are using syndication as part of their content marketing strategy, but CopyPress’ strategy generates more traffic by utilizing and leveraging the publisher’s existing readership with your strongest content.

Our writer will create high-quality content for your site, and then create off-site content that drives traffic back to your site. The writer is vetted, meets your metrics, and is trained on your style guide and compliance protocols. For every on-site article, there’s an off-site article. This natural model improves the quality of on-site content for you and generates relevant signals to the content. It’s a win-win.

Our Team

CopyPress prides itself on impeccable customer service. We have a team in place that’s dedicated to your needs. Each internal team member has a role in allowing your agency to expand into content marketing.

Dedicated Client Strategist

As we mentioned above, you have a single point of contact when working with CopyPress, your client strategist. This client strategist becomes a part of your team. They are your advocate. Your client strategist is with you every step of the way and manages all of your projects, from copy, to rich media, to outreach. There are a lot of moving parts, and you don’t have to get caught up in trying to figure out whom to talk to and when.  Your client strategist will effectively communicate back and forth between you and the appropriate managers.

We consider our team to be an extension of your internal team, and your client strategist is the liaison between us. Your strategist is always just a call, email, or ping away.

Content Managers

We have an incredible team of copy, editorial campaign, connections, rich media, and QA managers. Each of these managers is a pro in their field and has experience with creating quality content and scaling it to great heights. No matter what type of agency you are or what type of clients your agency has, our team has the know-how to provide serious results.

Our content managers have also built relationships with our creatives, and have the instincts and understanding when it comes to effectively communicating your wants and needs to them. Our team is a well-oiled machine. Each member of our team who is a part of your project will learn your style guides and understand your expectations. They ensure key milestones are hit and that we have your approval before we move forward.

CopyPress is the Agency’s Agency

CopyPress is here to cater to your agency’s content marketing needs. Many agencies may worry that another agency can’t handle their wide range of clientele or that another agency simply won’t be able to scale to the heights the need while keeping quality consistently high.

Our wonderful customer service and our dedication to quality and consistency are what make CopyPress different. Our services and strategies are designed to help agencies reach their full potential in content marketing. Our large community of creatives allows work for multiple clients and campaigns across multiple formats to be created and delivered in a timely fashion. Our expertise in the industry will help launch your agency to success.

Use our expertise to your advantage. Take the time to find out how we can help your agency achieve success. Clients such as DealerOn, Purch, Voice Systems, and Marketing Nomads have met their incredible content marketing potential with our help. You can, too.