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Dave Snyder


September 20, 2012 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

Image of a tablet screen showing the word Infographic surrounded by additional marketing terms; concept for infographics case study.

CopyPress has created some beautiful infographics in our time. Here are some sample infographics and the results they rendered.

The Content Omniverse


One: To increase brand awareness for the newly launched CopyPress blog

Two: To convert webinar and newsletter sign-ups.


We decided to create a data visualization-based graphic to show the scope of the Internet in regard to content. We thought this concept not only offered an immense amount of data for us to create a great piece of visualized data, but it also tied in soundly with the scope of our offerings. We utilized a number of sources for the data and considered UGC a primary source of content on the web.

We actually went about this infographic promotion with no paid social seeding help, relying only on natural curation and outreach to get the content promoted.


To date, roughly 30 days after the post went live, we have received over 80 backlinks based on Majestic SEO’s fresh index.

Referring Domain Sample

We received 2666 social shares along with these 80+ backlinks, not only fueling that organic link growth, but also driving valuable traffic and branding to help us meet our goal. Those social shares and links brought in 3,043 visitors to date to the infographic. This is referral traffic, and it takes direct visits, search, and normal blog visitors out of the mix.

Furthermore, we achieved 26 webinar sign-ups and 34 newsletter sign-ups from this post, which means we’ve converted almost 2% of our traffic into our secondary goal, which was an actual conversion.

The Ultimate Zelda Gamers Guide


One: To build brand buzz for CopyPress’ graphical work outside of the marketing space, and to build relationships for future client-based outreach and seeding.

Two: To build large amounts of traffic for brand building.


Step one was focused on creating an engaging graphic for a vertical we knew would allow for maximum virality. The decision was made to use one of our artists with a history of video game-based art to create a graphic on Zelda Games.

The next step was to find a home for our graphic. We worked our network to find a suitable home for the piece; bit, and published the graphic on August 27th.

We began to seed the graphic using a mixture of paid social advertising and organic curation. This allowed for the G4 piece to achieve minor virality rather quickly.


G4 also aided in the social promotion of the site, which is an added benefit of proper connection creation. However, another site in particular took notice; this led to the next major level of viral growth. Buzzfeed performed well in terms of social. What was even more interesting was the traffic it produced from these shares … as well as the interactions. This led to a number of great sites picking up the illustration.

These sites were niche-specific and all linked back to the original G4 content, likely producing valuable traffic for this content connection partner. It allowed the graphic with our branding to be viewed by well over 30,000 visitors across a spectrum of sites outside of the Internet marketing realm.

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