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If you haven’t been following the progress of CopyPress Community, you better start.

A little over a year ago, CopyPress launched an initiative to create a space where creatives could grow into self-sufficient media providers and creative entrepreneurs. Community would be a place where writers, bloggers, journalists, designers, videographers, advertisers, marketers, and any other creative entrepreneurs could build, improve, and manage their professional lives.

And we are on track to do just that.

Fueled by the growing value of quality content and demand for authoritative creators, more than 6,000 members have joined Community, and here’s how they are utilizing our site to build and improve their professional lives.


Reading through our free, in-depth resource guides on Brainstorming, Sharebait (high-level blog writing), Infographics, Product Copy, and Blogger Outreach, and learning how to create quality media.

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Ideation Guide

Getting Certified

Proving their aptitude by passing practical tests and certifications and earning Achievements that tell the world they know their stuff. More than 1,700 multiple choice tests have been taken on Community so far.

cert list

Showing Off

Sharing their work experience, expertise, and past projects on profiles and portfolios.

Lizzie Seedhouse Portfolio 2013-11-18 14-44-45

Promoting Themselves

Using their Achievements as proof that they are knowledgeable and talented in specific sectors of content and media marketing in order to score paid work inside and outside of CopyPress.

Achievement list badge

Connecting with other Creatives, Publishers, and Marketers

Using networking tools to build connections with other creatives so they can work together and share insider information.


Getting Work

Proving that they are quality designers and/or writers and getting offered paid assignments from CopyPress.

Planning for the Future

Most of our members know this is just the beginning. Community is just getting started with tools for building and growing online media businesses. In the future, our members will be using the next wave of Community offerings in the following ways.

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  • Utilizing Improved Features – Enjoying upgrades to all of the current Community offerings (added features, additional training guides and certifications, more detailed profiles, forums)
  • Receiving Higher Paying Job Offers – Receiving job requests for expert level assignments that can only be completed by an industry authority or thought leader
  • Completing Paid Assignments – Managing all paid assignments for CopyPress and additional clients
  • Collaborating with and Ordering Work from Other Creatives – Teaming up with other creatives on collaborative projects, then managing the entire workflow via Community

As Community grows, we will shape these features into a more cohesive platform divided into the following sections:

  1. Learn – a platform for training, courses, and certification programs
  2. Network – a social network for writers, bloggers, journalists, designers, videographers, publishers, and advertisers
  3. Open Marketplace – a platform for ordering content, receiving and managing assignments, finding and pitching clients, and selling media
  4. CopyPress Tools – tools for brainstorming, creating content, connecting with other bloggers, and curating on social platforms

While CopyPress Tools is currently being launched in a Beta version mostly aimed at CopyPress clients and advertisers, it will also house tools that will be useful for creatives and media makers. (You can sign up for a Beta invite now.) By offering tools that allow our members to act as creators and clients, we are empowering them to be on both sides of the market.

So in the Big Picture, What Does this Really Mean?

CopyPress Community will provide extra value for all involved.

  • Content creators and content buyers will work together to determine the value and reciprocal cost for content creation. Rather than a model of one price fits all, content will be based on the quality of the product and the creator.
  • Content creators will build their personal brands by earning Authorship and growing online visibility as their name is spread alongside their content.
  • Content creators with high authority will be able to market themselves with an increased value on their content when they have a large social following and strong reputation in a specific niche market.
  • Content buyers will get the added bonus of author authority when purchasing media from a high-level creator, which will help the spread of the content through both search and social.
  • Online publishers will impress both SERPs and readers by providing engaging, educational, and entertaining content.
  • Online content will improve. The amount of SPAM and content for content’s sake will decrease. People (and Google) will get what they want — quality content created by real writers, bloggers, journalists, designers, and videographers.

The goal for Community is to create a place where any person who creates, publishes, and purchases media can scale creativity into success and work on jobs aligned with their passions. Community has come far in the past year, and big thing are in store for our future — and yours. If you aren’t here already, what are you waiting for?

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