A large part of CopyPress is our community of freelance writers and designers.

CopyPress Community has over 3,000 members, some of which work for CopyPress on a daily basis creating content for our copy and digital media offerings.

We consider this Community to be a major part of our business and our company, and just as we aim to improve the lives of our clients, we also aim to improve the lives of our Community.

To Help Our Freelance Writers

In order to improve the lives of freelancers, we need to learn a little more about them. So we put together a Freelance Writer Survey that will collect data on what makes a writer’s world easy, difficult, disappointing, and fulfilling.

Information from the survey will help us learn what we need to change in order to create a better world for freelancers – particularity online freelance writers.

All of the data collected in the survey will be compiled into an interactive white paper titled 2013: State of Freelance Writing Study and available for free to marketers and freelancers alike(This will be similar to the 2013: State of Content Marketing Study published by CopyPress earlier this year.)

To Help Our Clients

The survey will cover the issues that affect both freelance writers and the companies/clients who work with them. The data will help advertisers and marketers understand the current state of freelancing, as well as prepare for the future in the following areas:

  • Compensation
  • Where to Find Freelancers
  • How to Manage a Freelancer Relationship
  • Bylines
  • Google Authorship

How You Can Help

If you are a blogger or marketer with a blog of your own, please let your readers know about the survey. Embed the survey image and link provided into your blog post with the embed code below.

If you are a freelancer writer, take the survey now. All freelancer writers who participate in our survey will be entered in a drawing to win a free 16GB Apple iPad 2 (wifi only).

Survey ends 8/15/13 at 11:59 PM EST. Winner will be notified via email on 8/19/13. Sign up for CopyPress Community to be notified of when the 2013: State of Freelance Writing Study is published.

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