If you would have asked me a year ago “what is Curation?” I would have responded with something along the lines of “umm… what people do at museums, right?” And let’s be fair, I would have been right, sort of.  Had I applied my articulate, well thought out answer to the question “What is CopyPress Curation?” I would have been way off.

Getting to the Point…

CopyPress Curation doesn’t happen in a stuffy, cold, quiet museum where visitors discuss brush strokes and the juxtaposition of color relationships (its way more exciting than that). CopyPress Curation happens on different social media networks where visitors discuss and share relevant content that has been aggregated, categorized and presented from multiple sources around the web. You can curate any form of online content from videos and infographics to memes and recipes. Any content that you can collect, categorize and republish you can curate.

Is it Stealing?

Finding valuable content for your audience, rewording it, and then publishing it under your name is stealing, not curation. When we curate content we look to add extra value to the reader’s experience. We want them to take more away from reading what we curate. Whether it’s our opinion or information from a third party resource, we make sure it’s something he or she cannot obtain by reading the original post.

We also give credit where credit is due. We’re up front about the author of the original post and link back to him or her in the article. It’s plagiarism if you don’t link to the source or cite the author.

Behind the Scenes

Meet the team:

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Runfei and Ching-Li are our CopyPress Curation Managers. Their goal in life is to create a unique editorial experience for members of established networks.

They spend hours each day playing on Facebook (just kidding), building out popular social media platforms, researching content, and curating it on a consistent basis to ensure our audience stays engaged. Right now they’re working on adding Twitter and Tumblr as a part of our curation product offering.

How it Works for You

1. We look at your content and match it with the most suitable platforms. Not every piece of content fits on every platform. For instance, an article titled “9 Things You Didn’t Know About England” wouldn’t be an optimal fit for Pinterest (unless the content is highly image based.)

lizzie12. Once we have established a budget we can set a guaranteed minimum number of visitors. Our standard rate is $0.10 per visitor.

3. We schedule your content to be published on our established networks and advertising accounts.

4. We deliver a timely report that details how many visitors/shares, where they came from, and how viral your content is.

Here’s a few snapshots of what is included in a report:

This is dashboard view summarizing where your visitors and social shares came from.

Direct data from the platform.

A fancy graph and table showing overall growth.

What’s Next?

For the rest of the quarter we’re going to continue to grow our product by adding Tumblr and Twitter while we expand the verticals in our current product offering. Right now we work in 15 different verticals from Atheism and Economics to Technology and Sports. We’re constantly testing and measuring our success against our own analytics and retrieving data from . This is an awesome free in-house tool developed by Kyle Zipp. If you plug in your URL you can track and identify trends in social sharing.

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