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Jeremy Rivera


September 21, 2023 (Updated: November 9, 2023)

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The CopyPress team attended INBOUND ’23 in Boston and Mozcon in Seattle this year as an official sponsor and brought back much to unpack. From the spotlight sessions to connecting with everyone, we enjoyed the experience even more than last year.

Unpacking the Highlights From INBOUND ’23

Aside from the lineup of stellar speakers and sessions, INBOUND gave us the opportunity to connect more and network with other attendees.

Aubrey’s first year at INBOUND

Aubrey Kalbaugh joined our Client Success team back in February, and this year was her first time attending INBOUND.

INBOUND was the first large conference I’ve attended, and it did not disappoint! From the extensive list of speakers to the thousands of enthusiastic attendees, the entire event was buzzing with excitement. The best part of the conference was getting to know about each attendee’s business. I spoke to so many people, not just walking around but also at each of the other sponsors’ booths and learned about the latest sales and marketing technology.

Sabrina’s experience with John Mulaney

Our VP of Partner Development, Sabrina Hipps, joined the team for her second time at INBOUND. This networking queen didn’t get a moment beyond our booth but made some awesome connections this year!

INBOUND23 was an amazing experience filled with lots of new connections and great laughs. It’s always tricky to sneak away from your booth when you’re sponsoring an event, but I did get to catch John Mulaney during INBOUND After Hours — a hilarious experience! Not only did I get to hear him poke fun at the co-founders of HubSpot — Brian and Dharmesh — but I got to connect with other attendees in a more unique way than last year. The way to my heart is certainly through laughter and marketing, so combine both, and you have a key that won’t fail.

Dave Snyder

For CopyPress CEO, Dave Snyder, there was more to get excited about than just the food trucks this year.

INBOUND23 was a great experience! It’s always an awesome event, but this year had even more energy. It was great hearing what inbound marketers are doing to retool their programs in the age of AI and to see that content marketing is a growing channel of importance.

Jeremy Rivera

For our Director of Content Analysis, Jeremy Rivera, INBOUND presented the opportunity to jump outside of the niche-focused world of SEO and into the broader field of marketing and content’s role within it.

It’s always interesting to go to a conference that isn’t 100% niche focused on SEO. Getting an idea of how content plays a role in the bigger marketing picture was a welcome experience.

From the VIP welcome party to Reese Witherspoon’s closing statements during the last session, INBOUND was definitely the marketing event of the year. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year. Want more details on all the sessions and activities? Check out some of the most memorable moments from this year’s event on the INBOUND blog.

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Jeremy Rivera

With over 17+ years in SEO, Jeremy Rivera has worked with enterprise level companies and literally hundreds of small businesses in dozens of industries. His skills have been used at nationally recognized SEO SaaS companies, SEO agencies and multiple years of running his own freelance consulting business. He specializes in building SEO forecasting models, understanding how data and software can augment SEO campaigns and how to help overcome technical SEO challenges to supercharge SEO outcomes.

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