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CopyPress March Madness: Final Four

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March 27, 2012 (Updated: March 27, 2023)

Welcome to the second round of CopyPress’s first-ever March Madness series! We’ve tallied your votes from our Elite 8 round and we’re now ready to reveal the winners you chose:

1. The winner of the Chris Brogan vs. Seth Godin match-up is… SETH GODIN

2. The winner of the Neil Patel vs. Rand Fishkin match-up is… RAND FISHKIN

3. The winner of the Shoemoney vs. Brian Clark match-up is… SHOEMONEY

4. The winner of the Lisa Barone vs. Sugarrae match-up is… LISA BARONE

Congratulations to the winners! Godin, Fishkin, Shoemoney and Barone will continue on to today’s Final Four round; the two emerging winners of today’s round will move on to a head-to-head battle in Thursday’s championship round. Remember, the only thing deciding the winners are your votes. Leave your picks in the comments to decide who’ll face off in our final Championship!

Round Two: The Final Four Social Media Showdown

Ready to start Round Two? Here are your match-ups:

1. Seth Godin vs. Rand Fishkin


2. Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker vs. Lisa Barone

Let the battles begin!

Why Focus on Social Media?

Today our statistics focus on our contender’s social media prowess: Twitter followers, Klout score, Facebook fans, etc.

It goes without saying that social media is one of the most powerful tools in any industry professional’s arsenal. Social media acts as both a social networking site and a content publishing and promotion platform. When someone tweets your blog posts, they do your promoting for you; when someone likes you on Facebook, they remain constantly connected to your content.

Social media is the great content mobilizer: without it, few blogs would rise out of blogging obscurity.

So today we’re taking a hard look at our competitor’s social stats: who’s mastered the art of social media? Who’s mobilizing their blog through social means? Who’s socially savvy enough to move on to our final Championship round?

Bracket One: Seth Godin vs. Rand Fishkin

New to our March Madness series? It’s not too late to get in the game and start voting: for competitor bios and background info, see our first March Madness post.

1. Seth Godin of Seth’s Blog

Average Number of Twitter Shares Per Last 10 Posts: 1191 Approx. Amount of RTs (Within Last 90 Days): 34,000 Approx. Twitter @Mentions  (Within Last 90 Days): 9100 Approx. Number of Twitter Followers: 160,000 Klout Score: 70 Approx. Amount of Facebook Fans/Subscribers: 150,000

2. Rand Fishkin of Rand’s Blog

Average Number of Twitter Shares Per Last 10 Posts 741 Approx. Amount of RTs (Within Last 90 Days): 22,000 Approx. Twitter @Mentions  (Within Last 90 Days): 7800 Approx. Number of Twitter Followers: 55,000 Klout Score: 70 Approx. Amount of Facebook Fans/Subscribers: Personal: 2,500; SEOMoz: 33,000


In one corner we have marketing sage Seth Godin; in the other, SEO wizard Rand Fishkin. Though Godin handily beats Fishkin in both Facebook fans and Twitter followers, Fishkin’s RT-to-follower and mention-to-follower ratios are much more impressive.

However, Godin’s Twitter account is only used for auto-tweeting the latest post on Seth’s Blog. Fishkin’s account is much more hands-on: the SEO pro tweets about the industry, answers follower questions, and even posts personal pictures. The same goes for Facebook: Godin auto-posts his latest blog posts, Fishkin shares hand-picked articles, updates, and photos.  The two boast evenly matched Klout scores.

I’m betting this one comes down to personal preference: are you a fan of Godin’s wizened marketing advice or of Rand’s approachable, “likable expert” persona? Leave your pick in the comments!

Bracket Two: Shoemoney vs. Lisa Barone

3. Jeremy Schoemaker of Shoemoney

Average Number of Twitter Shares Per Last 10 Posts: 30 Approx. Amount of RTs (Within Last 90 Days): 1,600 Approx. Twitter @Mentions  (Within Last 90 Days): 37,000 Approx. Number of Twitter Followers: 160,000 Klout Score: 73 Approx. Amount of Facebook Fans/Subscribers: 21,000

4. Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media

Average Number of Twitter Shares Per Last 10 Posts: 29 Approx. Amount of RTs (Within Last 90 Days): 4,200 Approx. Twitter @Mentions  (Within Last 90 Days): 3,600 Approx. Number of Twitter Followers: 23,000 Klout Score: 63 Approx. Amount of Facebook Fans/Subscribers: Personal: 607; Outspoken Media: 600


Here again we have a match-up of an auto-post Twitter powerhouse vs. a more personal, hands-on account with fewer followers. Shoemoney’s 160k Twitter followers dwarf Barone’s 23,000, but Barone easily beats Shoemoney in terms of RTs.

While Shoemoney generally sticks to tweeting his own blog posts, Barone’s twitter account is hardly industry-specific; her oft-hilarious tweets are a range of links, opinions, and rants about everything from cats to her office’s technical difficulties. Though Shoemoney’s Klout score beats Barone by a full 10 points, their average Twitter shares per posts are almost exactly even.

It’s up to you to decide which of these industry firecrackers takes the victory: Shoemoney or Barone? Leave your vote in the comments!


You’ve only got two picks to make today, readers, so no excuses: who’s it going to be? Seth Godin or Rand Fishkin? Shoemoney or Lisa Barone? We’re revealing the final two on Thursday, so there’s no time to waste: head to the comments section and START VOTING!

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