Today CopyPress stands as a closed marketplace for content in a variety of formats, and an enterprise services division backed by awesome tools. However, all of this is leading to a very different future. By the end of the year we will be ready to launch our open marketplace for creatives, replacing our closed system, and we are now taking private beta signups for our toolset which will become the core of how advertisers work with that marketplace.

The basics of the system today are straight forward. You join the toolset, you enter your competitors and your domain, and receive data to help guide your content strategy through the entire content lifecycle. Along with raw data we make generalized recommendations of what it will take to compete with your perceived competitors. We are a big believer that data is only the beginning of your journey as a marketer, and helping marketers figure out how to use that data is where we want to differentiate ourselves.


This portion of the toolset will be the place where content strategy takes life. Marketers will be able to use an ever scaling toolset to make decisions on the types of content they produce, help with ideation, and scheduling of content in an editorial calendar. They will be able to interact with our marketplace, receive campaign updates, and process orders.

We will again have a recommendation system that will grow in complexity in the content portion of the software


The connections section of the software today allows you to break your domain’s link portfolio, and competition’s link portfolio into CopyPress’ connection levels to see where you stand, and where you need to go. From here you can work with CopyPress to find publishers willing to accept your content contributions through completely organic means. By the end of Q3 2013 users will have access to our Connection Seeker product through this toolset, and be able to data mine, connect, and build their own publisher inventory, as well as exercise CopyPress’ relationships. Connection Seeker has been used to create over 5,000 publisher relationships over the last 6 months.

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As noted, today you can come in and begin having our Connections team assist your Connection creation process through recommendations


Social curation is the action of maximizing visibility for content online. We have built a network of curation portals, optimized advertising practices, and tools to allow our customers to leverage Stumbleupon, Facebook, and Pinterest for driving traffic to their content. Our process allows them to get the same value that they would purchasing ads on their own, except we reduce price, increase effectiveness, and give full reporting. Making curation as simple as the click of a button. We are looking to add Twitter into the mix shortly.

This portion of the software will be an integrated version of our software which we did a soft launch for in March.

The great elements of this software are the ability to easily drive social traffic as well as monitor the interaction with your content in social over time. It is also a powerful competitive analysis tool with our bulk URL upload tool. You can see exactly what content works for your competition and where.


Converting content based traffic is something left out of most strategies. The reasoning is that content will just drive links and awareness. Sure content does that, but it can do so much more. We believe, and have proven, that content can drive great secondary conversions such as newsletter and email signups. Because of this we are building our “honeypot” product.

First you will come into the system and choose which category your website lives in.

You will be given access to a plethora of original eBooks written and designed by CopyPress creatives. These eBooks will come with various creative elements such as banner ads.

You can also create a pop-over complete with creative and management features such as pop-over controls.

Once you have the creative embedded on your website your email lists begin to populate in the CopyPress software which will have APIs tied to all the major email management systems.

We are also going to integrate with retargeting companies to offer similar products for website visitors through retargeting pixels rather than email signups.

We Want You

So now we need you to sign-up and join us on an exciting adventure of making this product awesome. We will be using a SCRUM style of software development over the remainder of the year, so private beta users will get the benefit of seeing new features on a regular basis, and will get to help us shape those changes.

Also private beta users will receive 1 seat in the software for free for 12 months, and deep discounts on scaling out seats those that will need multiple users on their accounts.

So join up, and lets make something awesome together.

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