As the Florida summer heat continues in August, let’s take a look back on July here at CopyPress.

The State of Content Marketing 2016 Survey

The survey is quickly coming to a close! If you have not had a chance to participate yet, make sure you complete the survey soon in our 2016 State of Content Marketing Survey. CopyPress is looking for content creators, media or agency professionals, and in-house marketing professionals to participate in our survey. We want to get an understanding on where the content marketing industry is today from all viewpoints…creators to decision makers. From the survey results, CopyPress will be creating a whitepaper to showcase the state of content marketing. The survey will be closing soon so get your feedback in now.

Creative Spotlight Returns

July brought us the return of our creative spotlight on our CopyPress blog. The creative spotlight features our community writers on Wednesday and Friday’s. These are writers and content creators working on various client campaigns. Topics range from tips and tricks for creators to thoughts and opinions from our creators. Be sure to check out these articles, our creators are awesome!

CopyPress creators: Do you want to be a part of our creative spotlight? You create your topic and share your thoughts, tips, or tricks on the content marketing industry, from your perspective! Reach out to your community contact for more details about the creative spotlight.

July’s Webinar

Last month’s webinar was on Creating Effective Titles and Headlines. The CopyPress team discussed tips and tricks on creating effective titles and headlines. Including; good examples, some not so good examples, and why it is important to have an effective title or headline. We had a great turnout and will continue to host webinars to share our content marketing knowledge with all of you. If you were not able to make the webinar, click here to request the recording of it.

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Be sure to register for our August webinar, our topic of discussion will be content curation. Join the CopyPress team to hear our inside information on all the tips, tricks, how to curate, and where we expect content curation to be in the future. We hope you will join us and as always, our webinars are free!

July’s Whitepaper

Creating Effective Titles and Headlines was also our topic for the whitepaper released in July. Expanding further into our titles and headlines webinar topic, July’s whitepaper explains step by step techniques to creating effective titles and headlines. It guides the audience into the process of creating titles and headlines, tips on how to improve your titles, and tools that can help you create an effective title and headline.

Our Creating Effective Titles and Headlines whitepaper, paired with our webinar will help improve the effectiveness of your titles and headlines. Whether you are a content creator or a decision maker, knowing how to create effective titles and headlines and how to spot effective them will be greatly beneficial. If you missed our whitepaper this month, request your free copy of Creating Effective Titles and Headlines now!

CopyPress’ Resource Page

CopyPress’ Resource Page is almost complete! Our free Resource page is where we will be sharing some great information. From whitepapers and infographics to webinars and case studies, you’ll find intriguing content marketing information and case studies. We will be continuously adding more and more resources to this page, so check back often! We are looking to have our resource section live by end of August. Stay tuned!

What to Look For in the Future

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CopyPress Blog

Our CopyPress blog features content marketing articles, tips and tricks, how to’s, and CopyPress updates, with the occasional Podcast from our CEO, Dave Snyder. July revamped our Creative Spotlight section, where we will be publishing articles from our very own talented creators within our CopyPress Community. Let us know your thoughts on the articles, leave a comment if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share.

Find CopyPress on Your Favorite Social Media Platform

From Twitter to LinkedIn, you can find CopyPress on a variety of social media channels. Follow us for the latest information on the content marketing industry, great articles, or to find out what the CopyPress team is up to. Reach out to us with any content marketing questions or content marketing tips you want to know.

Conferences: CopyPress Loves Agency’s

That’s right! The CopyPress Client Strategist team has two upcoming conferences planned. SMX East in New York on September 27 – 29th will be our next conference and CopyPress will be traveling back to Las Vegas for Pubcon 2016, October 11 -12th. Meet us in the exhibitor hall at our booth to chat about your content needs, current campaigns, the content marketing industry as a whole, or just to say hello! We’ll keep you updated on our exact booth number as the conferences gets closer. We hope to see you out in New York or Las Vegas!

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