The cooler air has begun in most states but here in Tampa, Fl…well let’s just say it is still hot. The third quarter comes to an end as the end of the year is approaching quite quickly. September brought some great new adventures and resources for CopyPress to share with you all. Here is a quick recap of CopyPress’ adventures in September.

New B2B quarterly content package

CopyPress developed a new B2B quarterly content package. For $2,499 per month, the quarterly package includes the following over three months:

  • 12 blog posts with images and headers
  • 1 whitepaper
  • 1 supporting Infographic for the whitepaper
  • 1 slideshare assets
  • Complimentary outreach to 50 influencers

These assets have seen great success when paired together and thus why we created the package deal! Our B2B package is a great way to incorporate great content set up to be shared. We only have a limited number of quarterly package available at the moment, if you are interested contact us now!

The Big Apple Adventures

CopyPress attended SMX East in New York City last month and had an amazing time. The team was in overdrive juggling our day to day work, exhibiting at the conference, and having a delayed flight home. But in the end, our trip was filled with great memories and conference triumph.

The client strategist team was able to meet up with some clients while in New York, explored the big apple, and had a very successful conference. We were at booth 420 handing out delicious mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa and discussing content marketing.

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Thank  you to all that stopped by our booth. We enjoyed all of our conversations, new relationships made, and growing our current relationships.

Conferences continue…next stop Las Vegas

Yes, you heard that right. CopyPress is not stopping! We will be traveling to Sin City for Pubcon next week, October 10-12th. The team is super excited to be exhibiting again at Pubcon. We will be at booth 102 with a fun photo booth, so make sure you stop by and see us! The client strategist team and CEO, Dave Snyder will be around to answer any content marketing questions you may have. If you will be attending Pubcon as well or just in the area, let us know!

September Webinar

Our September webinar was a bit delayed due to the SMX East conference, but we still ended up having a great webinar. Thank you for everyone who participated in the live webinar on Exploring the Different Types of Multimedia Content. If you missed it, our CEO, Dave Snyder was joined by our digital media team to discuss the multimedia content industry. They reviewed how multimedia content is beneficial to content marketing strategies, when to use multimedia, and took some questions from the audience. If you were unable to attend, we recorded it for you! Request the free recording of our Exploring the Different Types of Multimedia Content webinar.

September Whitepaper

Multimedia was our topic of choice for September. Our Exploring the Different Types of Multimedia Content whitepaper was released on Wednesday, September 21st. The whitepaper explores the topic more in-depth than the webinar. We discuss why multimedia should be incorporated into content strategies, the various types of multimedia to choose from, the tools needed, and the future of multimedia content. The whitepaper is a great complement to the live discussion. As always, you can download the whitepaper free. You can also check out all of our past whitepapers, webinars and other informational marketing resources on our CopyPress Resources page.

Kudos to our CopyPress Developers

We would like to give big thanks to our CopyPress Developers. This month we have pushed out a new API to improve content delivery. The team has been working hard all month working out kinks, fixing coding issues, and testing the API. With the new API, approved content will be directly uploaded to your wordpress and saved as a draft. No more manually uploaded content! The new API will be greatly beneficial and we are excited to push it out to more clients.

A Look Into October

As pumpkin spice begins to take over, here is a quick look into what is coming for CopyPress. One large reason to our success at scaling content, is the creation of CopyPress’ client style guide. We create a style guide before each client campaign to ensure our writers, editors, and QA teams match our client’s expectations. Our October webinar and whitepaper will explore how we create these style guides, why they are successful, and tips on creating your own style guide.

CopyPress will also be looking to continue team building between our internal teams. Check out our social media pages to meet our team and see what we are up to next! We are now on Instagram as well! Finally right? Be sure to follow us..we will be posting pictures at Pubcon and our team building activities. 


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