This past week, the client strategy team and CEO, Dave Snyder traveled to Seattle, Washington to take over the SMX Advance search engine marketing conference. Equipped with a rockin’ exhibitor booth, local Seattle chocolates from Frans, awesome Snapchat filters, and matching T-shirts, the CopyPress team made the 3,092 mile trek across the United States. Check out our adventures and what we learned from our time at SMX Advanced in Seattle, Washington.

Day 1: CopyPress Arrives in Seattle

After a long day of flying and a three hour time change we were excited to see the Seattle sights. As we began our descent into the Seattle Tacoma airport, we could see many snow cap mountains in the distance and from living in Florida this is a huge difference from our sanded beaches or our so called “hills.”

We got to see CenturyLink Field and Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks and Mariners on our way to our hotel, Hotel 5 (which had awesome mini pineapple cupcakes!). After we got settled at our hotel and had some lunch, we headed down to the Bell Harbor convention center to set up CopyPress’ exhibitor booth.

The view of the Space Needle from our Lunch at “The Skillet.”

CopyPress Loves Agencies was our theme for this event. CopyPress can help agencies and their clients with their content marketing strategy in numerous ways including scaling content, finding expert creators in various verticals, and broadening the variety of content assets. From copy to digital media production, all the way to influencer and publisher outreach, CopyPress can help!

We headed to the SMX Meet & Greet at the Bell Harbor Rooftop. Wow, this view was breathtaking. The Bell Harbor center is nestled right along the water and from the rooftop you could see downtown Seattle, the stadiums, the Seattle wheel, and the snow cap mountains in the background. The CopyPress team grabbed a drink and mingled with various SMX attendees and other exhibitors.

After the Meet & Greet, the CopyPress team headed out among the Seattle streets to explore. One unique place we visited was The Unicorn. The Unicorn is in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district with a carnival style theme (the corn dogs were delicious! My favorite was the cheese fries corn dog…can you say carbs overload!)

Day 2: Total Seattle Domination

Before starting our day, we strolled down to the Pike Place Market and had breakfast at a cozy cafe. The market was pretty cool. The seafood stands were jaw dropping. The lobster tails were humongous, we saw Octopus for sale, and even get to see the famous “fish throwing.” On our way to the conference center, we got to smell all bakeries around Pike Place. They smelled so delicious! We even got to see one of the beginning Starbucks shops (We heard it is not technically the first store, but rather than the second).

Our second day in Seattle was spent mainly at the Expo Hall. CopyPress mingled with potential and current clients, passed out Frans chocolates, and dominated Snapchat pictures. Did you get to see our Snapchat filters? We had two Snapchat filters created by our talented designers; one for the expo hall and the second for the SMX After Dark Party.


What did you think? Pretty awesome, eh? Our team had a blast taking pictures with these and sharing them.

After the expo hall closed for the day, we headed out for a quick bite of food before enjoying the SMX After Dark party at the Seattle Aquarium. The After Dark Party was great. The “glow” theme went perfectly with our second Snapchat filter. The CopyPress team got to explore the aquarium and the various booths hosted by Bing before mingling some more.


Day 3: Final Day of SMX Advanced

The final day of SMX came quick and it was the first day we got to see Seattle’s true weather. The sky was grey and a little rainy in the morning. After a delicious breakfast at Hotel 5’s cafe, we headed back down to the expo hall. The final day of the expo hall was much shorter than the first. Our Snapchat filter was live and we had more delicious Frans chocolates.

Once the expo hall closed and we packed our booth up. The CopyPress team headed to Radiator Whiskey in Pike Place Market, Radiator Whiskey was a neat restaurant. The food was delicious as well (any type of food we had in Seattle was amazing). We were all adventurous tried the tater tots with a fried egg and the cornflake crusted chicken livers as an appetizer. Both were great!

The team fueled up and headed to the final SMX event, the Closing Night Bash at The Garage. Again, the Seattle weather was rainy and grey. The Garage was fun too (SMX did a great job with the after hours networking events). There was bowling, pool tables, and food downstairs, and karaoke upstairs.

Darrel and Dave wasted no time jumping in the karaoke line and performed quite a few songs. The highlight was Dave singing Dora the Explorer and the “Ice Ice Baby” duet of Darrell and Dave. The girls were not as quick to jump in. But Chelsea and I finally made a decision and performed “No Scrubs” by TLC. The karaoke area was lots of fun (great job to everyone who performed!).

The team headed downstairs to network some more and make more connections. We got to meet some great contacts at the event (and at SMX as a whole). To the Angel Publishing team: Kudos to beating both Darrell and Dave in a game of pool, as well as Chelsea and I (even though we came back and put some pressure on).

What We Learned

Overall, the CopyPress team had a great time at SMX Advanced and visiting Seattle. We were able to make great contacts in the content marketing industry and meet some contacts that need some assistance with their content marketing strategy. Content is continuing to play a vital role in business and CopyPress has great views on how content is growing and will continue to shape our future. Valuable content is extremely beneficial and CopyPress will continue to keep up with the latest strategies and innovate new processes for copy, digital media, and influencer outreach. 

Keep checking in to see what conference the CopyPress team will be at next. It is looking like we will pay New York a visit for SMX East in September. We hope to see you there!

Did you go to SMX Advanced? How was your experience and what conferences are you looking to attend in the coming months?