Last month CopyPress was able to bring you a webinar that featured some amazing practitioners with insight into how to handle large editorial needs.

For this month’s CopyPress Webinar Series we are excited to bring to you a speaker with insight into not only how to go viral, but how to convert users once you have gotten there.

Carlos del Rio has an amazing beard (see above).

Carlos is also the Director of Conversion Analysis & Digital Strategy at, and has co-authored the book “User Driven Change: Give Them What They Want A Strategic Framework for Emerging Media”.

Carlos is going to give us insight into the case study of’s Noob Guide to Online Marketing.  The case study really breaks down how things go viral, what the numbers behind virality actually mean, and how to convert acquired users into more viral users.

In the Q&A portion of the webinar, we plan on diving into how social traffic can be turned into users and long term dollars. Personally I would like to know how turned that traffic into sign-ups and what that meant to their bottom line.

Spots are limited for this webinar and we are already at 50% capacity, so sign up today! The webinar will begin at 1:00pm EST on Wednesday, September 19th and run until 1:30pm, followed by an open Q&A session with our guest speaker(s).

We are also currently looking for amazing ideas and partners for future CopyPress Webinars. We are dedicated to bringing our readers the best in education resources, and the webinar series is just the beginning.