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16 Tips for Writing Promotional Blog Articles

Your sales department just called. They want an article promoting a deal or publishing a coupon on the company blog. How can you turn a promotional post into a quality article that can be used for months to come? Follow these 16 tips to turn the sales pumpkin into a content glass slipper.

Did you miss anything on the blog last week? We also recap the best-of CopyPressed from the week before:

CopyPress Turns 2, Now What?

In July of 2011, CopyPress officially became its own company.
It had lived within a few other entities, but had always been a side project of sorts (Second Step Search, BlueGlass). In the summer of 2011 it joined SteelCast and became its own legal entity.[…]

CopyPress Community Launches State of Freelance Writing Survey

A large part of CopyPress is our community of freelance writers and designers.
CopyPress Community has over 3,000 members, some of which work for CopyPress on a daily basis creating content for our copy and digital media offerings.
We consider […]

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