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How to Create the Right Visibility Strategy

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Brand visibility can have an enormous impact on your marketing strategy’s success. As visibility improves, more people recognize your brand. They become more likely to remember your business when they decide they need your products or services.

However, managing brand visibility can prove complicated. You can put your brand in front of more people in myriad ways, but you need a tight strategy based on data and prior experience.

Distribute Content Strategically

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A content distribution strategy helps get your content in front of more people. Whether you syndicate your content using sources such as Medium or LinkedIn Pulse, or write guest posts for publications in your industry, you get access to new audiences.

Before you decide to syndicate content, however, do the following:

  • Choose your best content for syndication.
  • Write high-quality guest posts with plenty of actionable information.
  • Research potential hosts for your content to learn about their traffic, organic reach, social media presence, and other important metrics.

Content distribution won’t help your business much if you publish content on obscure sites or syndicate mediocre content.

Add the rel=”canonical” tag to your article on your own website if you plan to syndicate it elsewhere. That way, search engines recognize your site as the content’s original source.

Investigate Potential Influencers

Citing a recent eMarketer study, Ion reveals that more than 70 percent of consumers prove more likely to buy a product when they receive a recommendation on social media. Those recommendations often come via influencers.

An influencer can elevate brand awareness, which makes your brand more visible. People who follow influencers often buy products and invest in services based on those influencers’ suggestions.

As you build your visibility strategy, you may seek out more influencers. However, you’ll need room in the budget to compensate influencers for their reviews and other posts.

To ensure you use your money wisely, investigate several potential influencers. Consider building relationships with them on social media before you approach them about a potential partnership.

Build High-Quality Inbound Links

Including internal links within your content can help boost brand visibility and improve your SEO. However, inbound links from sites with high domain authority can become more valuable.

When an authoritative website links to your content, the site communicates to Google and other search engines that it endorses your content.

In turn, Google may move up your content in its search engine results pages (SERPs), resulting in better visibility.

Additionally, link building allows you to garner more direct clicks from outside sources. When people you may not have reached otherwise click on links to your site from other sources, they become aware of your brand.

Keep in mind that link building can go both ways. If your site attracts poor-quality links — such as from spammy websites — you can disavow the backlinks via the Google Search Console. Disavowal means you’ve asked Google not to consider those links when ranking your content.

Publish Better Content Than Your Competitors

Brian Dean, author of, introduced the Skyscraper Technique. It involves researching a keyword or group of keywords and creating the best possible piece of content.

After you’ve chosen your keywords, visit your competitors’ content. You’ll create your own piece that offers more information than your competitors did.

The Skyscraper Technique can improve visibility by improving your SERP position. After you publish your piece, revisit the link-building strategies you’ve used to make sure other websites link to your skyscraper content.

You can repeat the Skyscraper Technique as many times as you want. Write longer, richer content than your competitors, then build links quickly from high-quality sites.

Outsourcing the content creation process can make the Skyscraper Technique easier. Instead of dedicating in-house resources to the process, let professional writers create the content for you.

Get Active on Social Media

Although Google doesn’t use social media as a ranking signal, sharing your content on social media can improve your overall visibility. Your posts can show up in search results, and brand awareness will begin to grow.

Choose one or two platforms at the beginning, such as Facebook and Instagram. Focus on building your brand through original posts and content sharing. Don’t forget to share others’ content, too — those businesses may return the favor.

Experiment with different posting schedules and types of content to find what your audience likes best. Add social sharing buttons to your website or blog so visitors can follow you directly.

You may also consider joining question-and-answer websites, such as Quora. Don’t add an excessive amount of links to your Quora answers — you could get banned for spam — but share rich, meaningful information. Your brand visibility will improve as your answers get voted up and people see your logo.

Expand Into New Types of Content

If you’ve created only blog articles in the past, consider experimenting with new types of content. Video, audio, infographics, and slideshares offer a few options.

Take the extra step, however, to add text content to each medium. For example, if you create a video and post it on YouTube, add a description and a transcript so that people can read if they want and so that search engines can rank the video.

The same goes for short podcasts. Add a transcript or at least a detailed description. Your brand visibility will improve thanks to improved SERP positions. Plus, your competitors may not take that extra step, which gives you an advantage.

You can also combine content. When you post an article related to a video you’ve produced, embed the video in the article. The same goes for a relevant infographic.

Don’t forget to ask people to share your videos, infographics, and other dynamic content. Building links back to your website improves your domain authority, which allows you to rank better.

Creating a visibility strategy can help your brand in many ways, from improved search rankings to better brand awareness. You need a strategy in place so that you can measure its effectiveness and make changes based on the results.

What brand visibility strategies have worked for you in the past? What do you plan to try next?

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