Let’s say you have some leads for a few jobs or a great idea for a marketing campaign. Your résumé has been updated and is ready to be viewed by all. Your social media presence is professional and has been reviewed so the content on each is impressive.

For a lot of up and coming marketers, PR professionals, advertising specialists, and job hunters, that’s all they submit with their job application. They may send a follow-up e-mail, but they’ll think they’ve done all they can. If that’s the case, they forgot to ask one of the most important questions in today’s world: has my online portfolio been updated recently and where can I really get noticed? Here are three places to start.


You’ve already done most of the work by creating and posting on social media, just bring all of your accounts together into a page dedicated to just you. This is the definitive, ultimate personal domain brand where you can show off everything you have to offer.

About.me is more than just an online business card, it’s a way for potential clients to find out everything they want about you and your product. This a great way to show off your marketing skills as well, since you’re basically marketing yourself. It’s a centralized social page where you are the content. It’s very adjustable and user friendly as well.

Whether you’re in the freelance game or a marketer, About.me is geared for your market. Don’t let it clutter your online presence, let it bring it all together.


If you want to really impress connections, consider building investing in your own website. This gives you full control over your content. That’s where WordPress comes into play. It’s basically that, except with super tasty themes to help wash down all the information you plaster over your site.

It’s not just a blogging platform, it’s much more than that. One you select a theme to help your overall design, the rest comes quite easy to show off your work. You’re free to decide what you would like to be displayed, in however many pages and tabs. Your good work will help you gain respect from your next employer and show that you’re respected by your previous connections.

Cargo Collective

If you have designs that you want to show off, then THIS is the perfect online portfolio for you. For any designer or design marketer this will benefit you greatly. They’ve got great themes, which have lots of flexibility if you know CSS/HTML.

It’s also ridiculously easy to set up a custom URL if you’re planning on buying one. Yes, you do have to apply, but almost everyone gets accepted.

One More Thing

Any of these options are fine to show off your personal portfolio. If you’re just looking for something basic, consider beefing up your LinkedIn profile. Check out Angela Lucas’ blog post on how you can turn it from a resume into a portfolio. This way you can come full circle when it comes to marketing your brand and showing yourself out there. For anyone trying to connect with the corporate world, using these tools to market yourself will give you a major advantage.