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Creative PR Strategies for Your CEO

It’s time to face the facts: traditional marketing has changed drastically throughout the past 10 years. It’s easier to see these changes when you work solely with digital marketing trends every day, but can be hard to adapt to if you’re still using traditional methods.

For those of you who still getting used to the new picture, I have laid out a few tactics to get your CEO’s name out there effectively. The transformation from traditional PR into Internet marketing will help your company stand out among the changing trends while boosting the name of the CEO or founder throughout the industry.

shutterstock_101332603Get Them on Social Media

Staying ‘in the know’ within your industry and regularly connecting with leaders is a simple yet important way to boost PR organically. It’s important to utilize social media both for your company as well as your CEO’s personal brand.

Personal twitter accounts have become increasingly popular amongst business leaders. A recent survey by BRANDfog found that 80.4% of respondents thought it was important for CEOs to engage with customers on social channels. More than half of these respondents also stated that social media engagement makes CEOs more effective leaders.

Business associates and potential clients are now looking directly at twitter and how the company leader is representing the brand. The CEO has an important role in this tactic: to share his or her wisdom and stay active. This is the easiest way to interact with influential leaders in the industry. Through twitter and various social media outlets you will be able to drive business and launch campaigns using a small budget, direct connections with top media analysts, open dialogue to show the culture of the business and get an inside look at what consumers are saying about your brand.

Get Them Blogging

We live in a growing Internet world of content marketing. Without quality it is difficult for the content to make a statement. The credibility of the source is also a game changer in order to receive attention. What easier way to drive attention to your blog than a quality article straight from the head of the company?

Customers love seeing content created by the CEO. To actually see a personality behind the face of the company with valuable information is a big deal. This starts building with consumers, which is beneficial when trying to grow the brand. Creating content for other company blogs also helps increase exposure toward your brand.

WebGet Them to Do Interviews

Connecting with other brands in your industry to not only helps you gain exposure but also exposes your company to what others are doing. If your CEO is a guest for webinars, or round tables, or one-on-one interviews, he or she gets exposed to a new audience.

This can also be effective if your office interviews industry leaders. This practice is a boost in PR for both sides as both companies will receive exposure to new fans and potential clients.

Get Them to Give Back

Community should be large factor in a CEO’s public relations strategy. Consumers like to see the good in emerging brands and what better way to do that than by donating to charity. This could either be a team effort from the inside of the company or an incentive for signing up for a service. Writing quality content about your charitable donation will help gain even more exposure for your brand, win-win!


Evolving with the change in traditional public relations towards Internet and media is a key factor in the outreach of any company. The CEO is the face of the brand and should connect directly with the consumers in order receive the most credibility. People like to see the humility and responsiveness in a CEO from day one.

What other creative ways do you think would boost the PR in today’s technology era?

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