The Argument For Social Media Pet Profiles

That’s right, I’m debating the merits of making a profile for your pet. A profile that you’ll insist they made  by themselves while you’re off at work.  Sure they’re not that active on it, but that’s only because they’re a Yale law school graduate working at their fictional law firm downtown and getting ill-indicted innocent people off using their sheer cuteness (how could something so cute fight for someone who’s actually innocent, and be wrong?)

If we’re being honest, that’s my dog’s Facebook persona: Charles Sherman “Tripton” Buckley the Third…Koppinger.

Do I see anything wrong with this? No. Modern people have been personifying animals since Steamboat Willy (Mickey Mouse’s first incarnate for you youngins) and we’ve been personifying dogs since Scooby-doo and Wonder Dog and still do it with characters like Brian Griffin (of Family Guy fame).  Why shouldn’t I personify my best-friend-who-happens-to-be-a-dog? He has enough personal character in him to warrant it.

As humans we’ve been forming bonds with animals since we’ve been able to domesticate them thousands of years ago. Some people’s bonds with their pets are stronger than others. Whereas some believe a dog is just a cute fuzzy thing to have around the house to pet and keep your lap warm, others like myself form bonds with their pets that are as strong or even stronger than some of their human relationships.

People on social media share everything from what they’re eating, to random brain farts to everything and anything they may be doing.  Having an online social media persona for your dog is no different, it’s just another way of sharing something that you care about with friends and family in a funny/dorky and creative way. I understand that some people won’t understand this or think it’s strange and weird by conventional standards in a pre-social media mind-set, but weirdness and individuality is in.

The strongest argument for pet social media accounts is as simple as this: people love cute and funny looking animals! If few animal photos are good, more must be better, right?

With an addition of a personality that suits them, it could heighten their adorability and/or funniness to the potential point of going viral. Grumpy cat was just someone’s goofy looking cat, whose silly/cute grumpy grimaced pictures caught on like wild fire and went viral, and now he’s one of the most recognizable memes out there. The same goes for Lil Bub and keyboard cat. What’s to say this couldn’t happen to your best-pet-friend? The more exposure they have, the more likely that it’s a possibility.

I implore those with pets to share them with the world! It’s only at little odd and is becoming more and more accepted, One in 10 people in the UK have profiles for their pets.  Give your odd obsession with your pet an outlet, maybe they’ll even get noticed! And Feel free to friend C. S. Tripton B. III Koppinger if you’d like.