Link building is something that I really didn’t have a huge grasp on prior to working in Internet marketing. I understood the general idea but not to the depths that people go to have articles published with a specific link in them. This had led me to read things very differently in many ways.

My Innocence is Shattered

I used to love lists about tops apps that could change the way I lived my life. Now I find myself rolling my eyes because I see them every day. They’re either apps I already have or apps I would never use. And do I really need 10 banking apps on my phone?

I can tell when content has been written just for a link or to boost a company’s SEO. It’s cheap and I hate it.

The bad SEO companies have ruined the Internet for me because there seems to be more on the spun content side than original and actually readable articles. Some might consider me a cynic as far as content goes and – while everyone is entitled to that opinion – they are wrong.

Also, I have become to be desensitized to blog articles and headlines as I read hundreds of them a week. Maybe one day I will be able to scroll through my RSS feed without any prejudice or skepticism, but today is not that day and that year is not this year.

Op-Eds: The Last Frontier

Opinion pieces are great because most paid links don’t want to be associated with strong opinions that would reflect back on their brand. Opinion driven content seem to be the last of the trustworthy articles that are not spun for a specific reason. When I find these articles on the Internet, I trust them.

You Can’t Trust Anything

I have read articles that have been carelessly thrown together without much research. For people searching certain advice who don’t know any better, finding a bunch of opinions could have catastrophic results.

For example, I could start a blog that gives relationship advice, but I am a train wreck when it comes to that topic in my personal life. People would search the Internet looking for advice and pull up my articles full of theories that are not correct – the reason that I am single – and ruin their own relationships.

Now when I read things I have a pessimistic attitude about the source and do not immerse myself in the article or get anything out of it. As I read an article a thought starts slowly creeping about whether there is a link in the body of the text or not. I drag my mouse over each of the links to see whether it links back to a commercial site or just to a resource. If there is no link I usually start to wonder why anybody would write for just a byline? Then I remember that there are writers out there trying to get exposure rather than get one over on somebody.

I have found the Internet to be full of articles that promise the world and deliver nothing, even on reliable news sources. Even if the article is good, if there a link I start to discredit it immediately. I guess it is time to start switching to reading things in print….until somebody learns how to link there I believe I’ll be safe.