Innovation, ingenuity, and individuality are long-established hallmarks of a successful businessperson. Usually, doing things yourself is a critical component of this profile. When you need copy such as blog posts and website content, it seems like a time you’d be expected to pull up a chair and bang things out yourself on your trusty PC or iDevice. However, there are more than a few reasons why it may be a smarter move to hire out curated content via services such as CopyPress.

Professional Copy

Image via Flickr by Drew Coffman

Writing is an art form, whether it takes the form of a cheesy jingle or a powerful sonnet. Like any artist, a writer’s skill stems from a combination of natural talent and professional development. Plus, writers love to write! This passion for harmonious word groupings is what makes quality copy stand out from the rest. It pushes us to create only the best for your audience.

Another advantage of curated copy is grammatical purity. Inside every reader beats the heart of a critic, and a tyrannical one at that. They can’t wait to point out some error and dismiss the validity of every word attached to it. These words directly represent your company and it’s essential that your copy is as clean as possible. CopyPress content is filtered through several levels (writer, editor, and project manager) of highly trained error snipers.

Grammar-vetting programs exist but none can distinguish lively, colorful copy from flat and uninteresting writing. Just as there can never be a machine, computer program, or smartphone app that identifies quality art, good writing is something that can only be sensed through instinct and years of experience. Kurt Vonnegut, one of history’s finest word artists, once asked painter Syd Solomon how to tell good art from bad. Solomon’s reply? “Look at a million pictures, and you can never be mistaken.” Professional writers have spent their entire lives immersed in words, and they know what they’re talking (and writing) about.

Finally, when outsourcing your copy, you retain as much or as little control as you want. You can opt to use preconfigured, field-tested style guides, or customize your own to fit your specific needs. Final copy approval is always in your hands, so you can either hand off the ball and let the team run with it, remain deeply involved throughout the project, or anything in between.


Style guides, including examples of what is considered effective copy, will be used throughout your campaign so consistency of tone and audience is maintained. Every customer base is different. Copy used to reach fashionistas is drastically different from that used to entice auto buyers or convince homeowners to use HVAC services. Thanks to stringent adhesion to each campaign’s style guide, the proper tone will always flavor any copy that reaches your audience.

Formatting is another thing we take seriously here. Everything from structure to paragraph size to use of headers and subheaders is scrutinized and double-checked. Images are consistently sized and attribution is properly formatted. Inconsistent formatting (on a website, for example) gives off a cluttered and unprofessional appearance. Potential customers are likely to pass you up and search for easier sites to navigate.

Reduced Liability

When you’re posting information for the public to see, knowing the rules is vital to avoid potential legal hassles. Consider the images used in your copy. Just because an image appears on the internet doesn’t mean you can use it for your own purposes, which is why maintaing exact rules about image use and proper attribution is important.

Even the use of trademarked slogans and restricted brand names can potentially trip you up. For instance, a certain internationally known annual football game has a name that’s actually trademarked and can only be used with permission. This probably won’t be enforced if used casually on a fan site, but when you’re leveraging this name for commercial means, you want to err on the side of caution and say “The Big Game” instead. This is but one example of the legal minefield that places like CopyPress regularly traversefor you.

Save Time and Money

You have better things to do (like running a business) than waffle over word choice and sentence structure. Of course, there’s the option to ask someone in the office to do it, but they also have their existing workload to deal with. Hiring a specialized staff writer is a complicated and time-consuming process, plus many writing projects are finite and the need for this new employee could be quite sporadic.

Outsourcing is often a better option for the savvy businessperson. Unlike doing it yourself or giving the task to salaried employees, content creation costs are a business expense for tax purposes. Your spend can be itemized according to what purpose the campaign serves, which is a nice break for your accountant (or yourself, if you’re managing the books!)

Remember that adding fresh information to your website on a regular basis is critical. Google’s spiders constantly crawl the internet and, though its exact search algorithm is a closely guarded secret, it’s universally agreed that preference is given to sites that present fresh and changing content. It may be tempting to save money and do it yourself, but since we CopyPress writers specialize and thus can research, write, and edit at optimum efficiency, we’re equipped with the tools to craft the best copy in the least amount of time.

Consider oil changes for your car. By the time you go buy the oil, filter, and drip pan, get A-frames under your vehicle, drain the old oil and add the new, and take the used oil in for recycling, you’ve spent hours of time and probably about as much money on parts that you’d have spent at an oil change center. The shop, unlike many individuals, has the parts, tools, facilities, and know-how to do it quickly and cheaply.

Just as you might skip doing your own dentistry, building your own circuit board, or making your own soy milk decaf double caramel macchiato, there are some things that are simply not DIY-friendly. Written content may not seem like one of them, but once you get a taste of convenient, professionally written copy, you’ll never go back.