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Well, readers, we’re almost to the end of this holiday marathon. After today, there’s just one more post standing between you and the moment you’ve all been waiting for: witnessing the CopyPress music video debut to the tune of the “12 Days of Christmas.” It’s bound to go viral. See it here first.

Today, however, we’re trading in those shrill 11 pipers piping for some easy integration tips courtesy of WordPress pro and all-around tech guru Joost de Valk.

If you’re planning a content marketing strategy, you need a content management system; if you need a content management system, you need the only one worth talking about: WordPress. WordPress has transformed the content marketing industry thanks to its beginner-friendly interface, customization options, open-source status and– lest we forget– its $0.00 price tag. Still not convinced it’s the best thing since HTML? Keep reading: we’ve brought in an expert that just might change your mind.

Today we’ve invited Joost de Valk to come in and share some of his WordPress expertise with the rest of us. We’ll be talking about the importance of content strategies, sharing WordPress tips, and reaffirming once again that WordPress is the Greatest CMS Known to Man.

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Featured Blogger: Joost de Valk


Joost de Valk is a freelance SEO/WordPress SEO consultant and WordPress developer. He founded, built Quix, and co-runs a weekly podcast called the WordPress Podcast. An accomplished professional speaker, Joost has spoken at conferences all over the world.

1. Why should someone with no web presence invest in creating online content?

Because being found online is ridiculously important to the future of your business, and having a website with high quality content is the key to being found.

2. What is the first step toward a better online content strategy?

Knowing what your (main) keywords are: what do people search for when they should be finding your products? The next step is to create a proper structure within those keywords and start writing or acquiring content.

3. What content management system is best for beginners?

WordPress, without a doubt.

4. What content management system is the most flexible?

WordPress, without a doubt.

5. Which CMS has the best implementation of search engine friendly content?

WordPress with my WordPress SEO plugin is as close to search engine friendliness heaven as you’re going to get šŸ˜‰

6. Online content, like CMS systems, comes in all shapes and sizes. Are there specific CMS systems that are better at managing specific types of content?

I can build almost anything in WordPress these days.

7. What limitations can users expect while using WordPress?

The limitations of their own ability to code or hire coders. Other than that, I don’t see any limitations.

8. What are the top 3 essential WordPress plug-ins?

1. W3 Total Cache, for keeping it fast

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast, for keeping it findable

3. Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast, for analyzing what’s happening.

9. How do you plan on taking your web presence to the next level in the upcoming year?

I’ve been building several WordPress plugins, I’ll keep building them out and write more and better documentation for them.

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