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Day Seven: 7 Ways of Sharing Featuring Brent Csutoras of Hua Marketing

Seven swans-a-swimming may sound like a stunning (& shocking) gift to find under the Christmas tree, but if you are like most of us and don’t have a pool (let alone a pond in your backyard) you might be happier with our gift – Seven Ways of Sharing.

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The holidays are a magical time of year when everyone is giving and sharing with friends and family, colleagues, and even strangers. The holidays shine a spotlight on sharing, but if you think about it, most of us are sharing with hundreds, maybe thousands of people all year-long.

Through social media sites, we quickly and easily share online content with people almost every day. We share so frequently and rapidly, that we often click a social media icon without so much as a thought of who we are actually sharing with.

But if you are trying to intentionally move content via social sharing, you should always take a few minutes to think about each social sharing site and its audience before clicking on the share button.

Sharing content always increases exposure, but if you can mindfully share content with the audience most likely to appreciate and re-share the content, you can use social sharing to exponentially increase the exposure of a piece of content.

So on Day Seven, we are giving this list of social sites and the audience most associated with each, along with some tips on how to get the most out of your social sharing with insights from our featured blogger – social media and seeding specialist Brent Csutoras.

The Audience Most Associated with Social Sharing Sites

  • Facebook – Friends
  • Google+ – Specific Group of Friends
  • LinkedIn – Colleagues
  • Twitter – Industry Members and Consumers
  • StumbleUpon – Unknown Audience with Similar Interests
  • Reddit – Unknown Audience Interested in Unique Content
  • Digg – Unknown Audience Interested in News-Related Content

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Featured Blogger: Brent Csutoras

Blog: Hua Marketing & Brent Csutoras

Brent Csutoras is the VP of Social Seeding at Hua Marketing. Brent is a well known and recognized social media marketer, who can be found occasionally writing on and speaking at many of the top online marketing conferences around the world.

1) Which element of content do you think is the most important when it comes to sharing online?

I think that the Title of an article is super important, as it is often going to be what makes someone want to read it, but I think the most important element is the ability to give the reader what they need to understand the entire article within the first few paragraphs.

People are looking at a lot of content these days and allowing them to understand and like your content quickly, will lead to them making a decision to vote, share, save, etc… before closing the page and moving on.

2) Which social media sites drive the most traffic?

StumbleUpon is sending the most traffic right now, but Facebook can send a lot too if you have a large audience of influencers. Pinterest, a new site that is still in beta, has been sending a lot of traffic, if you have image related content. Reddit also sends pretty good traffic if your content is received well and goes popular.

3) What is the best way to gather more followers on Twitter?

I think it really depends on how large your existing follower base is, but regardless of your follower count, you want to update things that are high quality and useful to your audience or followers. This is why people will want to follow you without actually knowing you, and also why people will want to ReTweet your updates, which is how you will get in front of other Twitter users.

The more you are being ReTweeted, the more your name becomes visible to the ReTweeter’s followers, which will lead to them becoming your followers.

Sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, and Facebook all have the ability to create or join more specific niches.

You can also go out and follow people whom you think would be interested in what you are talking about, which will normally send them an email letting them know you followed them. When they check your profile to see if you are worth following back, all those high quality and useful tweets will help convince them you are worth following.

4) How many Facebook posts can you post a day before your followers start to get annoyed?

Like any social site, it is very dependent on what you are updating and who your audience is. In general I would try to limit the overall number to no more than once per hour, unless your holding some sort of contest or live discussion. Note that even once per hour can be way too much, depending on your audience and what you are updating.

5) How important is a social media presence for a company or brand?

At this point, it is just as essential as having a website at all. With very few and rare exceptions, if you don’t have a social media presence going into 2012, then you are getting left behind.

Get social with Brent Csutoras on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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