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Day Three: Free Sales Leads with Jeremy Schoemaker “ShoeMoney”

French hens may have been a useful Christmas gift two hundred years ago, but we’re betting our modern audience will be more than happy to trade those three French hens for some free sales leads courtesy of

Image: Dylan Meconis via Flickr

Image: Dylan Meconis via Flickr

Today we’re pleased to welcome one of the biggest names in affiliate marketing to the CopyPress blog, Jeremy Schoemaker. For those of you not familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s the marketing practice in which a website earns money by sending traffic to another site.

Businesses often offer financial incentives to affiliates who send them web traffic. For example, let’s say a blogger joins an affiliate program and puts an ad on their site from a larger company; for every blog reader that clicks that ad, the blogger would receive a financial reward from the other company. It’s a fantastic option for bloggers looking for ways to make their blogs profitable.

Jeremy is well-known for his affiliate marketing success story. In fact, one of the most popular pages on Shoemoney is a photo of Jeremy holding a check for over $130,000 from Google AdSense.

We’ve asked Jeremy to share his perspectives on the world of marketing and his immense success as a blogger. We’ll also be discussing how Jeremy’s business and content strategies will be changing in the future– and, of course, we couldn’t resist asking Jeremy about the most effective ways to make money online. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a blogger, or a seasoned marketer, you’ll want to read what Jeremy has to say. 

Image: Jeremy Schoemaker via

Featured Blogger: Jeremy Schoemaker

Blog: ShoeMoney

Jeremy Schoemaker is the founder of and the managing partner of ShoeMoney Capital. An expert on affliate marketing, Jeremy has amassed over 131,000 followers on Twitter alone. His blog consistently ranks in Technorati’s top 50 blogs and boasts a daily readership of over 30,000 readers. A prolific entrepreneur, Jeremy is also an author and an avid Mixed Martial Arts fan.

1. What is the first step toward better online content strategy?

Know your goals and what you want to accomplish.  Is it brand recognition?  Is it direct sales?  Is it to get people into your newsletter?  That is the most important first step people don’t ask themselves.  Then it’s just a matter of working backwards and giving prospective customers value so they have confidence to complete your goal.

2. How do you plan on changing your web content to move forward with changing search engine algorithms?

Lemme drop some Shoeintology on you.  A big thing for us is to build sites for people,  not for search engines.  While I am routinely listed as a top SEO, and dominate industries for keywords, SEO (other than basic SEO) is not a part of my strategy.  The most important thing I can do is publish quality content that people want to link to naturally.  Over the years my content has continued to rise in the search engines and as they adjust to get smarter that trend will only increase.

Again, just to make the point: I focus on building content people want to link to.  I let Google do what they will.

3. Over time, what is the most effective way to make money online?

Another piece of the ShoeMoney Mantra (Shoeintology) is to understand… err, better yet, to be blunt: to exploit people’s passions for profit.  Yes, I said it.

It works best if you are also passionate or very understanding about the subject.  Let’s look at the most profitable niches:

  • Weight Loss
  • Make Money Online
  • Dating
  • Gambling
  • Anything that promises amazing results with no effort involved.

While there are endless affiliate programs for these niches, we found the best way is to capture the users and monetize them forever.  The people interested in these subjects become your assets.  I recently did a webinar on this technique here.

4. How can you use content to increase affiliate marketing income?

Always give value. Review sites kill it.  Mailing lists kill it.  This is because you are trading value for their referral (see the ACT webinar above to understand this better).

5. How do you maximize revenue with ad space?

I maximize revenue by letting the marketplace set the price.  If I have open spots, the price decreases.  If I am sold out, the price increases.  Let capitalism work!

6. How do you plan on taking your web presence to the next level in the upcoming year? 

I continue to build value to my readers (a.k.a. prospective customers).  This month I gave away a free plugin that people love.  Yesterday I finished filming a 7-part, 2-hour (edited) video series on the ShoeMoney methodology on how we build a website/service.

The training videos cover our process in each phase we go through on every project: conception – building your team – building the site – launching and marketing – monetization – ongoing management.   It’s currently in editing and should be done by the end of this month.  I will give it out completely free.

I have many other things I am working on for 2012.  I feel creating content that gives users value is what I was born to do.

Get social with Jeremy on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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