So it’s finally here – the 12th and final day of the CopyPress Twelve Days of Marketing. But before you go getting all filled up with post-countdown despair – cheer up. Today we finish out our series not with 12 Drummers-Drumming but with a gift that keeps on giving – 12 Bloggers-Blogging.

And since we are in the generous-gift-giving holiday spirit, we aren’t ending our series just yet. Later today we will launch the highly anticipated Sing-A-Long video for the CopyPress 12 Days of Marketing. So get out your pitch pipes and set your alerts- the marketing video of holiday cheer is almost here.

As a warning, if you aren’t quite ready for your singing debut, you may want to shut the office door because there is no way you can watch this video without singing along.

Image Via flickr by ktylerconk

Image Via flickr by ktylerconk

We conclude our series with the gift that has made this entire 12 Days of Marketing possible – bloggers. Twelve may be the highest number in our series, but twelve bloggers is nowhere near a large enough representation of the blogging community.

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On the Twelfth Day of Marketing, a Blogger Gave to me… 180 Million-Bloggers-Blogging is more like it. According to BlogPulse, the number of identified blogs on the internet totals over the 180,434,000. There are a lot of busy bloggers in the world.

So how did we narrow down the number of bloggers from 180 million to just 12?

We’ve carefully selected the 12 bloggers featured in our series based on a few defining factors that make for a truly talented blogger. Each of our bloggers have:

  • Credibility – content that is never fabricated or stretched from the truth
  • Expertise – extensive knowledge in a specific niche or industry
  • Personality – a unique identity that stands out from the crowd
  • Consistency – fresh and current content you can count on
  • Point-of-View – a direct, honest opinion and voice
  • Passion – a deep-rooted interest in their industry
  • Focus – purpose and intent with every word

To make an impact in a sea of millions, bloggers must replicate all of these qualities to attract an audience that will continue to come back for more. Our list of bloggers, with their massive amounts of loyal readers, are perfect examples of how you can use a strong skill set to create content that really reaches out and touches readers.

We’d like to thank every blogger on this list. Not just for contributing their unique voice and expertise to make this such a great series, but also for being such great examples of talent and success within the blogging community.

Day One: Arnie Kuenn with Vertical Measures

Day Two: Melissa Fach with SEO Aware & Search Engine Journal

Day Three: Jeremy Schoemaker with ShoeMoney

Day Four: Bryan Eisenberg with ClickZ and

Day Five: Heather Lloyd-Martin with

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Day Six: Debra Mastaler with Link Spiel

Day Seven: Brent Csutoras with Hua Marketing and

Day Eight: Ann Smarty with

Day Nine: Lisa Barone with Outspoken Media

Day Ten: Brian Clark with CopyBlogger

Day Eleven: Joost de Valk with

Day Twelve: Nicki Porter with CopyPress

The Bloggers’ Favorite Bloggers

And as an added bonus, we asked our featured bloggers one final question “What is your Favorite Blog and Why?” So enjoy your bonus gift of another list of blogs worth the read in 2012.

Arnie Kuenn – Now that might be your hardest question. I would say SEOMoz is my favorite blog. They generally produce one high quality post every day and it always seems to be relevant to our business.  They are an excellent example of engaging content marketing.

Melissa Fach – I don’t think I can answer this one. I read so many every day. I will say this – any blog that offers me valuable information in a visually stimulating way keeps me coming back. Now when I say “visually stimulating” I don’t mean 10 ads with 14 different colors. I mean a calm design that allows me to focus on the text, but with some images or graphics that complement the copy.

Shoe Money – By far Seth Godin’s blog.  It’s like a TED talk in every post for marketers.  Nobody turns on a light bulb in my head like Seth.

Heather Lloyd Martin – I enjoy reading the 37signals blog. It offers really good content with great tips – and also a glimpse into the company. I think the HorsePigCow blog is fantastic, too – it’s good, in-your-face advice for entrepreneurs.

Debra Masteler – I have a number on my A-list but if I had to pick two it would be Search Engine Land and Adweek.  I visit SEL to keep up with what’s going on in search and Adweek to keep up with the latest on and offline marketing trends.

Brent – I really do not know if I have a favorite blog exactly, as I focus my reading on material and thus have a number of blogs I read. If I had to choose one that really consistently has me saving posts and returning regularly, then it would be Mashable. Not only do they have a large number of writers and content, but they have a reputation that gets them early access to news, products, and information first, before anyone else.

Ann Smarty – Can I name two? SEOmoz has been my favorite blog for ages because of the high-quality selection of articles. They don’t post many articles a day but the one post that makes it to the front page daily is top notch. SearchEngineJournal used to be my home and I still love it because it lets me find all essential search news in one place.

Lisa Barone – This probably goes without saying but I like reading blogs by people who can write the shit out of something and who know how to tell a story.  For that reason I tend to be drawn to blogs like The Bloggess and Matt Logelin. The blogs themselves couldn’t be more different (she’s insane and he restores my faith in love and perseverance), but they both know how to evoke emotion and make you feel something.  I respect the hell out of that. 

Joost de Valk – I have a hard time choosing this one but I’ll go for two:, for its razor sharp analysis of the search world and SearchEngineLand, for the same analysis, which is sometimes razor sharp, but always timely. 

Nicki Porter – I read a lot of blogs. Like, a lot of blogs– I’ve got over 140 on my Google Reader alone. Industry blogs, food blogs, photography blogs, personal blogs, humor blogs– hey, if you’re going to be a blogger, you’d better know the medium inside and out. Yet of all those 147 blogs, two remain my eternal favorites: The Bloggess and Hyperbole & a Half. One has comics, the other has an alarming amount of taxidermy, but both women are whip-smart writers who can always make me laugh.

Did we miss one of your favorite bloggers? Who is the blogger that makes you run to your reader?

If you have missed any days of our 12 Days of Marketing, you can use our advent calendar to keep track of all the posts. And stay tuned – the official launch of the 12 Days of Marketing sing-a-long video is just a few hours away. It may be the best gift yet!

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