CopyPress’s digital media pick of the month is the “NYC Stadiums” interactive infographic.

When choosing between which digital media asset you should create, “Why Interactive Infographics?” can guide you in the right direction. If you are looking to generate more audience engagement and lead conversions, or be more persuasive with your visualizations, interactives are there to help. Read on to learn why we chose the “NYC Stadiums” interactive infographic as our digital media pick of the month.

The Asset: “NYC Stadiums” Interactive Infographic

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Nowadays with the variety of digital media assets, the interactive infographic is a powerful tool for marketers. Interactive infographics evolved from static infographics and allow the reader to engage in the content, spending more time and attention on your message. This interactive does just that, giving the audience great content and information to discover and process.

“NYC Stadiums” immediately captures my attention and intrigues my senses, my eyes start processing all the intricate visualizations, I want to touch (click) on various spots on the map, and I can start to image the noise of New York City. The piece instantly describes that it is interactive and explains how readers can engage with the content by clicking on the venues.

Once I “began exploring,” the imagery and illustrations caught my eye. I began to focus on the details, from the broad map of New York City to the various venues, the teams linked to each venue, even the landscape with notable buildings and monuments. The detail is explicit. As my eyes digest the details, I begin to wonder, “What information will appear if I interact with, or click on, the venue icons?”

Once I started to explore the map, I discovered even more intriguing information. Each venue has a brief description of the teams that call this venue home, facts about the venue, and places nearby. I especially liked the “nearby” tab; it included food, drink, and entertainment close to each venue. Each location had a brief description and detailed how far away it was from the selected venue. The map also zoomed in to display the various nearby locations with icons on the map, which you could also interact with.

I explored all of the venues and the next thing I knew, I was planning a trip to visit the Big Apple itself. I was jotting down the sports venues I wanted to visit, the nearby restaurants to grab some food before, and some after-the-event activities nearby. The only thing left to plan is the hotel, and conveniently I am already on the Intercontinental Hotels Group. Why not check hotel prices?

Why is “NYC Stadiums” effective?

The question all marketers and content creators are searching for is, “Why was this piece effective and how do I translate that to my content?” In today’s Internet world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture our audience’s attention, not to mention keeping our audience’s attention for any significant length of time. That is where interactive infographics come into play for marketers. Below we will discuss a few key qualities of effective interactive infographics that are present in “NYC Stadiums.”

Easy To Understand

Interactive content is easily comprehended. Information is displayed with visuals and broken down with minimal text. An article from Inc. states, “Interactive content is easily processed,” and, “visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.” Effective interactive infographics have a plethora of visuals to present the information to the user in a clear and concise manner. Marketer Jeff Bullas says adding images to your content will increase your total views by 94 percent.

“NYC Stadiums” is broken down into valuable sections to allow for better comprehension. It is clear which information goes with each stadium along with what nearby food and entertainment locations are near each venue.


Marketers want their messages in front of their audience. In fact, reach is one of the few metrics used to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Infographics, static or interactive, are said to be shared and liked three times more than any other visual asset.

When we look at interactive content specifically, Votion interpreted the Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Marketing Trends report and concluded that, “38 percent of marketers said interactive content is somewhat or very effective at being shared.” This is an 11 percent increase from interactive’s counterpart, static content.

“NYC Stadiums” is interesting, engaging, and relevant to users, and subsequently entices them to share the content. Within a few hours of the interactive posting live on, it had already received multiple shares.

Engages Users

The Content Marketing Institute conducted a survey of content marketing in 2016. Of the marketers who took the survey, 72 percent said creating more engaging content was their top priority. Engaging users is a main factor in creating interactive content and strengthening a company’s marketing mix.

“NYC Stadiums” immediately notifies the audience that the content is interactive with a brief introduction, “Click on a venue to learn more about its history in NYC Sports.” The audience can interact with the stadiums, toggle between the venues general information, facts, and nearby locations.

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What is the most valuable result of an interactive asset? Or of any content marketing asset? Conversion. While focusing on just conversion rate could be an ominous doom for any company, focus on a step by step conversion funnel instead. Interactive infographics help break up the conversion process and increase conversions.

As I described my experience with the “NYC Stadium” interactive above, it brought me through an experience that got me to IHG’s website and looking at various hotel prices to complete my Big Apple literary. A win for IHG.
All in all, “NYC Stadiums” is our digital media pick of the month because the information is easily comprehended, has relevant information for users to share, and effectively engages its audience. This interactive brings the user through an experience that makes you want to plan a trip to New York City. With thousands of pieces of content posted daily, marketers are moving toward interactive digital media assets to catch the attention of their target audience. “NYC Stadiums” interactive infographic does just that.

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