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Diversity is Key in Blogging Success


Published: September 25, 2012 (Updated: February 28, 2020)

In past posts I have talked about ways to come up with content ideas for your blog. I have also discussed using goals and targeted demographics when blogging. Now it is time to cover diversity.

Being Diverse is Critical

You need website/blog traffic to convert to sales, but you also need traffic to help with your overall website rankings.  This means you need to have a diverse amount of topics that will keep consistent traffic coming to your site long-term. The best way to do this is to be diverse in your niche.  I am going to give three examples of how you can be diverse.

1). Meet the Needs of Your Audiences

Make sure your blog posts meet the needs of all of your targeted audiences. Answer their questions, such as:

  • What do they need to know?
  • What warnings can you give?
  • What recommendations can you give?
  • What laws must be considered?
  • Is a service or product kid-friendly?
  • Who needs your service or product?
  • Ongoing things to know about a service or product?
  • Are there reviews? Discuss reviews and link to reviews – video and text.
  • Use free videos that answer questions in blog posts.
  • Answer all sales questions, one by one.

2). Cover All Levels of Knowledge

With anything there are beginners, intermediate and advanced people in regards to knowledge about services and products. You need to appeal to each level. For example the iPhone 5, beginners want to know all the little details that could appeal to them as a smartphone user. Intermediates might want to know what has changed compared to the 4S and why they should invest yet again. Advanced iPhone users might want to know about how much faster the new iphone operates, the hardware, what apps have changed & why, which new apps will be available, what problems there may be with the new adapter and what about the battery that can’t be replaced? You see the differences between the three? Meet the needs of all three types of readers and you have more diversity and you meet three different audiences. You also become an educational resource. With completely unique content and helpful information you look a lot better to the search engines.

3). Target Different Ages and Socioeconomic Statuses

There are those that are young with a lot of money to spend, and there are those that are young and completely broke. You can appeal to both of these readers in different ways. Be creative.

There are middle-aged people that have some money to spend, but are still on a budget. With this audience you need to make sure you give some pretty solid reasons why they should spend. Give the readers the benefits of buying now and drawbacks of not investing in your product or service.

With seniors you can target them in two ways:

  1. Why they should invest for themselves.
  2. How they could invest to help their children or other family members.

No matter what age you are targeting you have to educate, while also “selling” subtly. You have to convince and create trust. When you are writing, always think about what it would take to convince you to invest and also what makes a business appear trustworthy.

Never Forget the Importance of Trust

When it comes to online writing or offline writing sales come due to a certain level of trust. Your writing has to be authoritative and create a trust in the reader. The reader has to trust that you are being honest and helpful to them. When writing is too gimmicky trust is not established. ALWAYS be focused on trust in all forms of marketing. Always remember to “wrap” your writing in something that gives confidence that whatever is read is trustworthy. You do this by showing professional and attractive layouts and designs in regards to your website and your offline marketing materials. I know businesses don’t like investing money in websites and marketing materials, but you have to. People that have only seen you online will judge you by the look of your website; the same goes for marketing materials. No matter what industry you are in you have to spend money to make money.


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