Put a dollar in the jar if you’ve heard or said this before:

“I really need to get into Google+. I set up my profile, but it always gets moved to the back burner. I just can’t get into it.”

Google+ is the social network that everyone “needs to get better at posting in”, but no one seems to have the time for.

I hate to break it to you, but you might want to start making time for it. It’s slowly creeping across the Internet, teaming up with blog platforms and growing in value.

Back in April, Google+ integrated with Blogger, making it easier for users to comment and share articles in their circles. Considering Google owns Blogger, this hardly came to a surprise to anyone, but it was a big step towards the universal sharability that Facebook and have.

Facebook and Twitter are the two most common social networks to connect to when logging into a site. In a world of countless usernames and passwords, it’s easier just to sync with a social network than to create a whole new account for every blog you comment on.

Google+ has been trying to reach the level of Twitter and Facebook. First with Blogger, now with WordPress. In an article published yesterday, WordPress reviewed four new features that they offer in relation to Google+. The first was this ability to log in and comment with your account.

Other new tools include the ability to embed Google+ posts into WordPress articles – just like Instagram and Facebook – and an increased ease of sharing with the Publicize option.

While these are important, WordPress really wanted to use this announcement to enforce the value of connecting your Google+ account to your articles.

Verification code will be added to your posts to confirm to Google that you are the author of those posts. Having this code in place means that Google can potentially use it to include additional information in their search results.

The value of authorship is something that we’ve discussed many times on CopyPressed, I wouldn’t be able to do it justice in the space that I have. If you’re still learning about it or have questions, read:

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The time to jump on the Google+ bandwagon was yesterday, or last month, or a part of your New Year’s resolution. However, if you’re not on it then you’re not alone. Only thirty-five percent of Fortune 500 companies are on Google+, compared to 77 percent on Twitter.

Google+ is quietly extending its reach throughout the Internet. It has value not just from a social network’s perspective, but from a search perspective.

Look at all the dollars you have in your jar.

Look at all the conversations you had about suffering Google+ guilt.

It’s time to visit your circles.