In my last piece, I talked a little about how companies are beginning to integrate social media into other departments like HR and sales. Increasingly, companies have taken to Twitter and Pinterest to advertise and promote their products. I personally am a fan of both sites and think that if used right, they’re a cheap and efficient way to reach an audience.

Twitter 101 covers retweets and favorites. Marketers often prefer having their post retweeted instead of Favorited, but there are many benefits to getting a gold star as well.

Why Do People Favorite Tweets?

The Favorite button is a way to mark a tweet as something you think is important or useful. It is saved in your personal Favorites folder for you to go through and review whenever you please.

This is quite useful when I’m using Twitter on my smartphone. Not all sites are mobile friendly, and I will favorite the post to go back and read later. The Favorites tab is a convenient way to find other tweets easily as opposed to going through my timeline and hoping that I stumble back across the piece. This is a time saver first and foremost. Sometimes when I get bored I’ll go through my Favorites to read over past articles I never got to look at before.

How Can Marketers Harness It

So what is the importance of this little button you may ask? Well, a lot honestly. The Favorite button is a major component of Twitter because it shows that someone actually thought the tweet was important to them. Here are three ways we as marketers can make the most of this neglected icon.


Twitter Favorites makes compiling lists easy. For example, a blogger may have a Twitter account where he follows a ton of graphic design blogs. If he Favorites interesting tweets and articles throughout the week has can compile a list to send out to users. He could also create a blog post with the best articles or tweets. It gives him content and makes it easier to network with industry leaders.

Calls to Action

Harness the power of Favorites with a poll or survey via Twitter. Recently, marketers have been comparing two different people. For example, Marvel may send out a tweet asking users to retweet if Captain America is their favorite super hero or to favorite the tweet if they prefer Iron Man.

This one uses the same idea but with athletes.

Audience Analysis

Another reason companies should monitor their Favorited tweets is to keep track of user interaction. Favorites allow brands to hone in on who their core fans are. Take note of who Favorites your tweets regularly and which ones they like. This will help you build better customer interaction. It also lets you to get a real life perspective on your product thus making it easier for you to give customers what they want.

Next time you send a tweet out think about the importance of the Favorite and retweet. Companies, make sure you give your users something that they may want to refer to later or simply want to cherish. You can rest assured that your tweet made an impact by your favorite counts.