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Drive Your Sales With Targeted Content at IRWD 2012

CopyPress will be hitting the road this coming Monday for the 2012 Internet Retailer Web Design and Usability Conference (IRWD) in Orlando, FL. The IRWD Conference focuses on creating stand-out sites that enable e-retailers to attract and retain customers, generate sales and satisfy today’s more demanding consumer.

We are thrilled to get the opportunity to show the eCommerce community how content can help drive a sale from start to finish. So, to keep you in the loop we thought we would share with you what we’ll be doing over the next few days.

See below for a sneak peak of the speakers, sessions, and companies that will be attending.

Seth Freiden, CEO of US Toy Co. 

Seth Freiden joined US Toy Co. in 2002 and quickly grasped a complete understanding of US Toy’s unique customer mix.  Seth has been involved in outside sales, marketing and supply chain management for the US Toy catalog division.

Session: How to Leverage Site Search Across Multiple Brands

Seth will be sharing information on data organization, platform coordination and management mindset he used to create cross-site search functionality, and how this approach can apply to mobile site.

David Wachter, SVP eCommerce and Direct Marketing at &

David Wachter launched in 2009, 20 years after the retailer opened its first store in 1989. With over 200 stores and two eCommerce sites now, the multi-channel specialty fashion retailer has experienced triple digit growth online in the last couple of years.

Sessions: The Evolving Design of the Home Page

This session will show how today’s home page is put to best use by showcasing specials, reinforcing the value proposition and romancing customers.

Young Lee, VP of Product Management at

At outdoor gear retailer, Young Lee is responsible for understanding user needs and building easy-to-use products to meet them. He leads the product management team and drives the performance of’s nine interactive properties.

Session: Using the Product Page to Make a Good Impression and Generate Sales

This session will look at consumers’ rising expectations about level of detail on product pages and will report what should be on a product page, where it should appear, and what supporting content and features the page should display.

Alan Higley, VP Internet Mareting at Coolibar Inc.

Alan oversees search, online marketplace, shopping comparison engine and other Internet marketing programs at Coolibar. He has worked as a marketing consultant to 3M, Imation, and businesses in the construction and home improvement industry.

Session: Making Sure Your Customers Find the Merchandise They Want

This session will examine how retailers can move customers through their sites based on their product category and type of shopper and how to use both navigation and search to best effect.

Vijay Murali, VP of eCommerce at Nutrisystem Inc.

Vijay Murali has more than 11 years of expertise in eCommerce and direct marketing channels with NutrisystemInc, the home delivery weight loss program. Vijay manages all eCommerce, mobile and community technology functions for Nutrisystem, Inc.

Session: Site Design for the New Reality: PCs, Phone, Tablets

This session will examine how to create designs for multiple devices, how to optimize designs so you don’t have to re-create the look and content of your site for every device, how to ensure a design works across all devices, and how to get your design ready for the evolution of access devices.

Paul Miller, VP of eCommerce at W.W. Grainger, Inc.

Paul Miller is Vice President of U.S. eCommerce for Grainger, North America’s leading broadline supplier of maintenance, repair and operating products, where he is responsible for leading and managing Grainger’s eCommerce strategies, ensuring a superior online customer experience and seamless integration across channels.

Session: Exceeding Expectations of Today’s Online Shopper: Drafting a Winning Blueprint

Paul will explain how Grainger has organized its data to boost sales, delved into customer information to identify additional on-site selling opportunities and paid close attention to all design elements to create a winning web site.

Mike Sidders, VP of eCommerce at Shopko Stores Operating Co.

Mike Sidders is an eCommerce veteran with nearly 15 years of diverse marketing experience. A results-oriented leader that is particularly adept at leveraging unique web marketing strategies and technology solutions to consistently drive the bottom line.

Session: Design 101: 10 Best Practices to Pick From the Pack

With proper processes, checks and testing, a web design can deliver a site that operates effectively on any platform with fewer problems. These are “best” practices” – protocols that speed the way through design and development to keep the site humming. A retailer who recently redesigned a site and a usability expert share 10 best practices that core to retail web design and offer a solid foundation for innovation.

Matthew Butlein, President of FreshPair

Matthew Butlein is the president of FreshPair, an online retailer of men’s and women’s underwear best known for creating National Underwear Day. Matthew joined FreshPair’s marketing department upon graduating from Harvard University and was named its president in 2011.

Session: Beyond Best Practices: Using Innovation to Take Your Site to the Next Level

This session will show how two retailers’ design teams crafted fresh approaches to produce that “something new,” how they decided which best practices to follow, and how to encourage innovation on your own team.

Halley Silver, Director of Online Services at King Arthur Flour

Halley Silver joined King Arthur Flour in October 2007, and since then has led the web team through two site redesigns, the launch of the Bakers’ Banter Blog, and numerous web technology changes.

Session: The Mobile-First Approach to Web Multi-Platform Design

This session will explain how retailers can use common design elements and avoid having to reinvent the wheel when designing for each platform or app. Learn how a mobile-first approach and the concept of responsive web design solved those problems for our Featured Speaker’s site in a recent redesign.

Tim Elam, VP and CTO of

Tim Elam’s near lifelong interest in web development started with the first program he wrote – while in sixth grade. Tim has worked with a number of local retailers to develop their initial web sites and joined in 2005. In addition, he continues to consult with local businesses on web development and SEO.

Session: SEO Mistakes that are Costing You Serious Money

This session will discuss why some marketers are dominating in Google, with a breakdown of the most common SEO mistakes; how to fix SEO problems; and how to use some of the most valuable SEO tools. The session will end with 20 minutes of live reviews, critiquing the web sites of volunteers and identifying missed SEO opportunities.

Michael Blum, Ecommerce Channel Manager of Herman Miller

As the lead for Herman Miller’s consumer eCommerce business, Michael Blum manages the Herman Miller store, the company’s online retail store that makes living, working and dining furniture available for purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Session: Creating Interactivity: How Interactive Product Content Creates Sales

This session will discuss how online configurators let shoppers arrange product components, view all options available, and choose what they want.Furniture manufacturer Herman Miller’s is one of the most striking and easy to use systems. Learn what it took to create (from concept to execution) and how it has benefitted the company.

Mark Curtis, President of enter: new media

In 2003, Mark Curtis saw an opportunity to delve into digital PR and marketing, beginning with the technology sector and founded enter: new media, a social media agency, as well as its sister company, enter: new marketing.

Session: Creating a Fresh Face on Facebook: Standing Out From the Crowd

This session will focus on creating a Facebook page that compels fans to act. We will learn how what you do on Facebook differs based on what you want to achieve: sell, provide customer service or games, engage consumers, etc. We’ll also learn how to build a significant Facebook presence.

Shannon Wu-Lebron, Director of eCommerceSearchandising at Office Depot, Inc. 

Shannon LeBron has been with the office supply giant since 2001, serving in a variety of managerial roles, including project management, IT compliance, eCommerce operations and marketing before taking on the current role. Shannon is responsible for creating a best-in-class onsite customer experience through search, navigation, as well as the use of emerging technologies that provide rich content to drive sales growth and conversion optimization.

Session: Revving Up Your Retail Web Site with Online Video

This session will discuss how videos are a great fit for the more engaging, animated retail sites that resonate with shoppers now.They’re adding a lively dimension to more online marketing and merchandising efforts since implementation has become easier and costs have gone down. See examples of winning videos and learn about the benefits and challenges of adding video to the mix.

Thomas Ryan, CEO of Threadless

Tom Ryan is the CEO of Threadless, a community-based design company with an ongoing open-call for design submissions from visual artists worldwide. Tom has spent a decade as an entrepreneur and executive in the digital music business, running global digital strategy at EMI Music and also holding roles at Virgin Mobile USA, eMusic and Cductive, an early digital music retailer that he co-founded and sold to eMusic.

Session: How One of the Most Innovative Online Apparel Stores Keeps Its Edge

Thomas will discuss how delivers with a design in-tune with its creative and free-spirited audience, incorporating a mastery of community-building and social marketing that most e-retailers today are still trying to understand. This session will show how Threadless keeps its site fresh, manages the flow of content, and gets guidance right from its customers on what to do next.

Michelle Richenderfer, Director of Marketing of Ulla Popken

Michelle Richenderfer has been with Ulla Popken as director of marketing since 2005. Michelle’s responsible for all the management of the catalog, online marketing and the website. Since joining Ulla Popken, she has led her team through a site redesign, a site re-platform and a site upgrade.

Session: Creating a Fresh Face on Facebook: Standing Out From the Crowd

In this session, we’ll learn how what you do on Facebook differs based on what you want to achieve: sell, provide customer service or games, engage consumers, etc. You’ll learn how to build a significant Facebook presence.

Take Aim at Free Content!

CopyPress will be giving each of our visitors the chance to take aim at our sales-funnel dartboard. Through this interactive game, our visitors will be able to experience how content can truly direct a sale.

If you’ll be at IRWD 2012 and would like to discuss strategies for using content to attract, educate, and engage your audience to convert leads to sales stop by booth 403 or contact us through this form for further details.

We’ll be sharing valuable information throughout the entire event! So, make sure you follow CopyPress on twitter for all the latest IRWD updates and incredible insight that you won’t want to miss!

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