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Economy Brands Still Need First Class Copywriting

There’s a lot of sub-par writing out there, and that includes copywriting. But what’s worse is that there’s even more on-par writing out there not noteworthy in any way and devoid of character. The standard, acceptable level of basic sales language is so prevalent that an economy brand business could easily think “I don’t sell fancy stuff, so why go fancy with the copy?” This can lead to someone in the business who isn’t a trained copywriter handling the product descriptions, blog posts, advertisement copy, etc.

This is a major mistake for any business to make. It doesn’t matter if you sell flea market hand-me-downs, Prada bags, or anything in between. Though it may seem surprising, anyone who isn’t professionally trained and experienced cannot write marketing copy beyond a mediocre level. There is a price for settling with mediocre writing, often higher than looking outside your business and getting professional work. Let’s take a look at the reasons why economy brands should accept nothing less than first-class copywriting.

What Professionals Bring to the Table

We all know the basic elements of how buildings are made, but if you want to build a house you hire a contractor. In the same way, most people learn the basics of writing in school, but a professional copywriter has served different companies and has written every single day of their lives for years or decades, often well before it became a job. Professional copywriters know what looks best on a page, and have enough creative muscle to make the best possible content to suit your guidelines and business needs.

Professional copywriters are expert marketers and researchers as well. They can deliver insights into your audience and potential marketing strategies that you never would have considered. It’s not shameful to rely on an expert set of outside eyes to handle this side of your business. Writers go through the exact same thing by hiring editors, impartial people who tell them how to get even better. If you’re really concerned, come up with questions for copywriters who respond to your job postings. Use their answers to screen for the perfect candidate.

The Reputation Ceiling

If you’ve ever read a piece of copy on a website and found it convincing — compelling even — then you know the difference it makes in your trust and interest in that brand. Prose is an art, and even if another brand seems like a better fit for your needs, a noticeably stronger standard of writing can overwrite that disadvantage. The simple reason for this is that writing is communication. Good verbal communication implies certain standards of quality, attention to detail, and care toward communication in other areas, such as customer service.

Smaller, newer businesses stand only to gain from presenting their best brand image possible. If you don’t go all out and create copy that looks amazing, there’s really nothing that will make up for it. You’ll seem like a less valuable brand compared to competitors with shining, riveting copy. Just like website design, it’s one of those things that ties deeply with the psychology of customers. This can create a brutal cycle where fewer customers take a chance on you, reducing profits, and making the expense of hiring copywriters even less appealing.

Every Brand Has a Voice

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It’s too often assumed by businesses that sell affordable products or services that they’re the everyman brand. They think that implying a sense of character or charm is just putting on an act, equivalent to highfalutin luxury businesses and their implications of superiority. This is a massive misunderstanding of how copywriting works. Every single brand in the world has a unique voice. Even an economy business not spending anything on copywriting has a voice. It’s just that without the proper approach and ideas, that voice becomes meek and unintelligible.

There is no such thing as an “everyman brand”. Even Walmart, a business that sells millions of different products, has a distinct brand voice that emphasizes caring, authenticity, and other values. They wouldn’t make those their brand goals if their marketing department didn’t recommend it based on their customers. What values does your business have? Do they shine in every piece of written content your customer sees? Because there’s more power in making people feel that value in your writing, compared to just mentioning it directly, and it takes a professional to do that.

First-Class Is Not Upper Class

It’s important to reconsider any association of hiring professional help with being fancy or pretentious. There is no pretense about making the right choice for your business, aside from showing that you don’t settle for average quality. Hiring a copywriter is good professional business behavior, and there is no societal class where professional standards should be ignored.

The worst thing about the attitude that hiring copywriters is too high-class is that it gives fancy, upper-class businesses too much credit. Businesses that serve the richest people in the world, such as designer clothing stores, often don’t focus much on quality writing either, but for the reason that they’re an established brand and they don’t need to advertise as much. But if you’re running a normal or economy brand, you need to impress your customers into giving you a chance.

Professional copywriting serves purposes that an amateur doesn’t fully understand, thanks to knowledge and experience in writing through a marketing and branding lens. Don’t put a false cap on your brand’s reputation with sub-par copy. Writing can always be made better, and if you keep finding ways to improve, starting with hiring the best help you can afford, you’ll begin to see the magic that happens when your brand’s identity shines its brightest.

There’s almost always room to improve a piece of writing. Even when businesses have nearly perfect writing, they shuffle up their branding and write new content to stay relevant. A great business of any kind, economy or luxury, should give off an air of excellence. Show how hard you chase perfection in everything your customers see, including your copy. That will help you attract more of the right customers, inspire more sales and engagement, and solidify your brand’s identity.

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