6 Effective Types of Linkable Content and Why They Matter

Christy Walters


December 30, 2021 (Updated: January 24, 2024)

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Though creating connections and partnerships is important for any content syndication or link-building strategy, creating quality content is a top priority too. If you’re creating content people want to share and link to, you have a better chance of generating organic connections and becoming a more authoritative source on your topic. Today, we discuss why linkable content is important and give a list of types of linkable content that may generate audience interest and traffic.

Why Is Linkable Content Important?

Creating linkable content is important for many areas of marketing, including:

Audience Building

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If your content is good and informative, the people who already come to you as a source are likely to keep coming back. But if you create better linkable content, you can attract new people to do the same. This increases the number of people who see your pieces monthly or even daily to generate more interest in your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

One way to draw in that bigger audience is to play the game of search engine optimization (SEO). When you format your content for user browsing, and in a way that’s easy for bots to crawl, it’s easier for people to read and for search engines to understand. This makes your content more likely to rank higher in search engine results and get noticed by more users.

Value Enhancement

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When you create good linkable content, you’re not just developing value for the customer or your audience. You’re also creating something valuable for other writers or content creators that they can feel good about sharing in their own pieces. This is a key to link-building because when your site is authoritative, trustworthy, and provides value, it’s prime for sharing on other sources.

Does Linkable Content Increase Web Traffic?

Yes, good linkable content can increase your web traffic. As discussed above, the more valuable the content is to people, the more they’re going to look for it and come back to it. The more it appeals to other writers and content creators in your industry, the more they’re going to want to link to it. If it’s easy to read and crawl, it’s better for SEO, which may help it appear higher in search engine results. These things combined can lead to more web traffic just from your linkable content and link-building strategies.

6 Types of Linkable Content You Create

If you’re trying to build better backlinks and get more organic linkable traffic, there are certain types of content you can target, such as:

1. Listicles

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Listicles are popular linking content because they’re short and easy to read. They often focus on quick facts, trivia, or interesting niche information. Using words and phrases like “best,” “strangest,” or other similar emotive words that pique interest can make them even more linkable because the definitive emotion creates an air of authority on the topic.

2. Infographics and Visuals

Linkable content doesn’t have to be just words. Infographics or other visual content are prime for linking because they summarize important points about a topic, they’re easy to read, and they’re fun to look at. Visuals may be a sneaky way to get additional backlinks due to image credit on other websites.

3. Press Releases

Press releases are great for backlinks, especially with local or even national news sources. They often share an update you want to get out to your audiences, such as a big change to your company, introducing a new service, or the announcement of an event. You are the authority on whatever topic the press release covers, so reputable news sources may link to your content to make sure they’re providing the most accurate information to their audiences.

4. Interviews

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Original interviews with important people in your company, relevant business partners, or anyone really, are prime for linkable content. This is because they may include direct quotes from the subject that other content creators may use in their own pieces. Similar to linking to visual content, the links from these pieces may come through source citing or quote attribution.

5. Definitive Guides

Definitive guides may be great for creating linkable content because they provide so much information in one place. When explaining a topic, it may be easier to use one source as a reference and refer to it repeatedly rather than searching for multiple sources that say the same thing. By acting as a one-stop source, you may encourage your audience and fellow content creators alike to browse and share the guides with others.

6. Original Research

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If your organization does case studies, experiments, or original research of any kind, this can lend itself to important linkable content. Similar to press releases, this is because you are the authoritative source of the content. Your team created it and this is content someone can’t get anywhere else. Like interviews, this also makes original research prime for citations in other studies or content.

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