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27 Ways to Increase Conversions through Content

Content is great for driving traffic, but traffic for traffic’s sake isn’t the goal for a majority of marketers. For that majority, converting traffic into an action that has value is the main goal. There are lots of ways to convert content based traffic into sales, but you don’t see them being talked about very often. The reason for this is traffic is easy to attain, but conversion takes trial and error. Let’s take a look at 27 ways that you can convert content based traffic into conversions.

1. Content with a Purpose is Content that Converts

Content with no direction just adds noise to an already loud Blogosphere. When you have a direct purpose in mind (more sales, more click troughs, increased traffic to the website) you can tailor the content to meet your needs.

2. Include a Call to Action

Take the same goals you set before creating content and turn them into a call to action. If your goal is to direct traffic to the website, tell your audience that they can learn more there. A call to action that asks readers to comment won’t direct as much traffic as a call to action with a hyperlink to your landing page.

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