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Explaining CopyPress in Terrible Stick Figures

I still get questions about boiling CopyPress down to its most simple definition. Well here it is. As a note these stick figures are my own and do not represent CopyPress’ capabilities as a company or institution. 

This is Jim. He is a consumer, and loves comics. He can’t get enough of online content about comics, and his time online influences what comics and products he buys.

dave1This is Kelly. She loves to write Marvel fan news. However, Kelly needs to eat and pay rent, and doesn’t know how to make money from her passion. She started a blog, no one came. Now what?

dave2This is Tim. He owns a website on pop culture. Jim has come to his site before, but doesn’t anymore because it doesn’t have enough Marvel content. Tim wants more content about Marvel on his site but can’t afford it.

dave3Bob owns a new comic publishing company that is looking to break into the space. Bob is willing to pay for Kelly to write Marvel content on Tim’s site sponsored by his company so that Jim can find out about his product. Bob is also willing to pay Tim for other advertising around his sponsored content.


CopyPress connects them all. Kelly has taken our training program to increase writer efficiency, and has entered our marketplace. Because we have a relationship with Tim we are able to connect the two. Jim uses our software to find Tim’s site, he and Kelly work out a pricing model for content and advertising, also using our tools to estimate his ROI. He also uses our curation tools to assure Jim gets back to Tim’s site.

Dave5Jim gets awesome content, and is exposed to a new comic publisher that looks like the next great investment for his collection.

dave6Kelly gets to pay her rent doing what she loves, charging what she wants.

dave7Tim gets to improve the content on his site, make more money, and increase traffic.

dave8Bob gets Jim as a customer.

dave9Win. Win. Win. Win.

We aren’t a sponsored review network. We aren’t a content mill. We aren’t a content marketing agency.

We are a new form of marketing tools and media company.

That’s the future of CopyPress.


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