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Facebook Rolls Out Business Suite


Published: November 3, 2020

When it comes to business professional social media, our mind tends to go to LinkedIn. However, Facebook is releasing their new Business Suite where they encourage their users to post, from their business pages to Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. It will be a single interface dashboard for you to post, view, message, advertise, and view insights on your business pages all in one place. 

Facebook’s aim is to simplify social media for businesses by putting everything in one interface for two of your social media platforms. If you want to create a calendar ahead of time, the Facebook Business Suite can post directly to your Facebook or Instagram on a scheduled date and time. 

Combining the insights, or data points, of these two platforms will help give you an overarching view of your performance on social media. Facebook will be accelerating their insights with another update coming soon. This update will feature data check-ups that will help to organize who has access to your page annually. Right now, if you need to remove someone’s access to your business page, they need to remove themselves from it. However, Facebook is working on an update in Business Suite that will help you manage the different layers of access to your business page. 

Facebook is expanding and allowing advertisers to send traffic to a mobile-optimized or on-platform shopping experience. This way, if your business thrives off of mobile traffic, you can have most of your ads showing on mobile devices instead of desktops. Facebook will also be allowing on-platform shopping so your customers can buy your products without leaving Facebook. This can be seen as a good and bad thing because your site’s traffic may go down while your conversions will go up. 

Another update is to the in-stream ad options where users are almost forced to watch your ads before watching a video on Facebook. They are now using a more granular exclusion tool that will better suit your ads to your liking. You can now pair your ads with publishers that you see yourself alongside. Choose a publisher list that your product fits with so that you can better target your audience with your ads. 

With all of these updates, Facebook is looking to make your user experience more fulfilling. So log on, check out the new features, and get social!


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