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Facebook Updates Your News Feed To Provide More Context and More Control to Users


Published: April 2, 2021

A long-running complaint about Facebook has been the way that it filters our news feeds based on its own algorithm. Now, Facebook has updated its platform to give users more control over the things that they share and see on their feed. 

Three upcoming additions to their platform are the ability to control who can comment on each of their public posts, a Feed Filter Bar, and more transparency. 

Comment Control 

When users make a post, they are now able to control who can and cannot comment on their post. The options are Public, Friends, and Profiles and Pages you mention. This means that you can limit unwanted interactions on Twitter. 

Feed Filter Bar

Facebook now features a new menu on the top of your News Feed that will provide further updates to the ‘Favorites’ tool the platform launched late last year. This new ‘Feed Filter Bar’ will allow you to control and prioritize posts from friends and pages that each user cares the most about. The content from your selected sources will show higher up in your News Feed. 

This Feed Filter Bar is currently available for those who use Favorites frequently. It builds onto the Favorites by providing more access to the Most Recent tab. This tab enables users to see both a default by-the-algorithm feed and a feed sorted chronologically with the newest posts first. Right now, only Android app users are able to use the Feed Filter Bar, and it will roll out for iOS in the coming weeks. All options will remain in the shortcuts menu.  

Additional Transparency on Your Feed 

Facebook has been providing more transparency than ever on why it is adding certain posts to a user’s feed. It’s ‘Why am I seeing this’ option will give the user the ability to gain more context on why they’re seeing any post that appears in their News Feed. The most frequent reasons for posts appearing in your feed are the related topics, related engagement, and location. 


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