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Facebook Wants to Be Serious; I Don’t

Yesterday Amanda Dodge explained the latest changes Facebook is making. She also gave her opinion and now I would like to give mine.  At the end I am also going to give a possible solution to the issues I am going to discuss. I believe it could make Facebook users happy.

Facebook, I Use Your Site to “Chill”

I have plenty of sites and networks that I use to find news and “quality” information, but there is only one site I use to chill out and find things to entertain me in a good way, Facebook.

The majority of my friends are geeks and nerds and they share a lot of goofy and fantastic memes and images. They share what Facebook believes is “low quality,” but to me it is “high quality.” It is what I want.

I have worked my butt off all day and I go to Facebook to just think about nothing, to focus on things that are not too serious and just “be.” Sadly, it appears that this is going to change.


Hey Facebook, Funny Stuff Works for You! Duh.

(I am going to act like Facebook is actually listening)

Facebook, check out George Takei’s Facebook page. He has more than 5 million followers and he shares funny stuff all day long. Check out the number of shares, likes and comments. There are thousands of other pages like his that people love.

More importantly, the users themselves are sharing funny stuff all the time and people like it. I understand that you think being all newsy and serious is better for someone, but I think the majority of your users are going to be upset. Our feeds are already not showing what we want to see, which brings me to my next point.

Who the Heck is Making the Decisions At Facebook Anyway?

I don’t know who is making the decisions over at Facebook, but sadly they don’t pay very close attention to their users’ needs and wants. They just make these random decisions about how our feeds will work and my feed sucks now, BTW. I don’t see the majority of the people I want and when I get updates they are from like 11 hours ago. If someone is hurt or someone I know has lost a loved one “11 hours later” can really suck. It used to be that I could scroll through the feed and see everyone and know how they were doing; not any more.

Facebook has also changed our timelines how many times? The timelines for pages is still so weird. I think if I drank and did some drugs the timeline would make more sense.

Yo Facebook, A Possible Solution

Tabs…tabs could work really well for you! This past year Google started using tabs in Gmail and these tabs are nice, helpful and save me time.


Facebook could have three to four tabs and let people choose from what they wanted to see in their feeds. Since Facebook is in this to make money they could also tailor their ads to go with the specific tabs. See Facebook, I am not stupid.

Possible tabs:

  • Everything – for those that want to see everything
  • News – for those that just want new related items
  • Funny – for those that need and enjoy the funny stuff

By having a tab system the users could choose what it is they want to see and their needs are met! If you want to keep people on Facebook and find more ways to make money with your users MEET THEIR NEEDS!

One day users might just want to focus on news related items and after a crappy day at work they may just want to focus on “happy.” What Facebook is doing now is making the decision for me on what it is I should see and they are failing miserably.

All Good Things Come to an End

While Facebook has become a huge part of many of our lives, the truth is that all large sites that fail to understand what it is their users need and want fail. Facebook is turning into something that is more irritating than enjoyable. Sure, some people may want all serious news, but that is only part of your users and I highly doubt the majority of the users want only news. I can also bet that they would like the ability to choose what it is that they get to see.


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