Have you noticed yet? Last week Facebook updated the layout of business pages to be more consistent with the look of a personal profile page.

(For a full list and detailed explanation of the updates checkout the Facebook press release.)

Updated Features:

1. Like a personal profile page, the Timeline now consists of a right-side column showing all of the page’s posts and a left-side column displaying information about the page or business, including a map, hours of operation, phone number, website URL, photos, and videos.

2. At the top right of the page, you will find a key indicator bar, displaying info such as ads running, likes, post reach, and unread notifications.

3. The admin tools navigation has been changed and displays across the top.

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4. Finally, some minor visual tweaks have been made to the cover photo and profile photo layout. This is the update that prompted me to write this post. The changes to the cover photo and profile photo layout are minor, but many brands are going to find that their Facebook page doesn’t look like they intended anymore.

What Happened to Your Facebook Cover Photo and How to Fix it

Some brands won’t even notice the change. Others will be annoyed to find that the creative cover they spent copious amounts of time perfecting is now out of whack.  Here is what is going on:

1. The profile image has been moved up about 35 pixels. This results in a temporary design setback for any brand that creatively integrated their cover photo and profile photo together, as they will now find their profile image and cover photo out of sync.

(Nokia had nicely integrated their profile and photo together.)

2. The page name and category are now overlaid on top the cover image. This will create issues for brands that have key parts of their imagery in that location.

(Guinness has key information in locations that will now be covered up.)

3. The Update Info, Activity Log, and Like buttons have also been moved on top of the cover image, again causing issues for brands that have key info displayed there. 

To really drive the point home I have simulated the changes for the Guinness Facebook page.

For most brands, fixing this is as simple as sending a quick email to a designer who can update the imagery accordingly.  Many brands change out their cover page on a weekly basis anyway, but for those who don’t have internal design staff, a solution may not be quite so simple.

If you find yourself in the latter situation, keep reading…

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It’s time for a “Face”-lift

(Sorry, I couldn’t help it)

Use the Right Size

  • Cover photo – 1702 x 630 recommended

From Facebook: “Cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. If you upload an image that’s smaller than these dimensions, it will be stretched to this larger size. The image you upload must be at least 399 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall.”

Note that the recommended size is twice that of the actual size. This will help the image to display properly on all devices.

  • Profile photo – 180 x 180 recommended

From Facebook: “Page profile pictures are square and display at 160×160 pixels on your Page. The photo you upload must be at least 180×180 pixels. We recommend uploading a square image. Rectangular images will be cropped to fit a square. Your Page’s profile picture will also display next to your Page’s name around Facebook to represent your Page.”

Be Consistent

Make your design consistent across all your social profiles. Consistency will help you more effectively convey your messages and will contribute to brand unity.  Take the time to do it right.

Be Creative

Show your audience that you are real, that you have personality and that you take pride in your social profile.  Please don’t just upload a large version of your logo as your cover photo. It comes across as unimaginative and is ultimately boring.  Show your audience that you understand them and know what they like.  Search online for creative examples that inspire you.  Here are a few to get you started. Have fun with it!

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