Are you a business owner in need of more content? Everybody is, right? The amount of content you publish directly determines how much attention your website receives in a given week. The ripple effect of this attention is that your revenue goes up or down, depending on your current traffic. You’ve likely heard of content as a service (CAAS) and have wondered whether it could benefit your organization. Here are five reasons why CAAS is a growth industry.

Google Loves Content

Content boosts SEO

Image via Flickr by Espen Klem

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists love to quote a famous quip that reinforces the importance of what they do. “The best place to hide a dead body is page two of the Google search results.” This quip is funny because it underscores the cardinal rule of SEO. High placement on Google and other search engines is critical for businesses.

By now, every serious website operator understands how Google rankings work. Respected search engine analyst Moz has collated the similarities of most high-ranking sites. In their expert opinion, three of the vital factors in first page placement are user experience (UX), usability, and quality content.

Countless website professionals can build a website that offers easy navigation and a satisfying UX. They leave the content up to you, though. That means you’re responsible for the most important element. Out of the three factors, Google prioritizes content through their link-building architecture, which presumes that the best content earns the most links.

This area is what differentiates the top sites, aka the moneymakers, from the rest. That separation exists because so few businesses are capable of Google-favored content. It’s both a niche and a skill. When you lack it, you cede market share to your competitors. CAAS evens the playing field. You can outsource your content needs to a proven service provider. How are they better? Well…

Amateur Content Won’t Stand Out

Amateur content is everywhere. According to InternetLiveStats, more than 1.1 billion websites exist. That’s the equivalent of one site per seven people on the planet. Since most major sites have hundreds if not thousands of pages, the internet has more content than any single person could ever read. Less than one percent of it is good enough to earn placement of the first site on Google.

Are you providing your own content? Perform a bit of self-evaluation. How good is it? How many of your pages, if any, are the top result on Google? How many are on the front page? Don’t worry. You’re not alone if your answer is a small number. The art of copywriting requires years of practice. Few people are naturals, and even those lucky enough to have the talent must hone their craft. To run a popular business, you’re already extremely busy and unlikely to have the free time required to master copywriting. Your current results reflect this constraint.

The problem is that with lesser content, you’ll never distinguish yourself from the competition. You’ll become one of the billions of web pages lost in the abyss, ignored by Google and thereby web surfers. You might as well not bother with such content. That’s where CAAS comes into play. You switch from amateur writing to professional content creation. You stand out from the crowd and gain Google’s attention and support, a primary reason CAAS is such a growth industry.

CAAS Content Is Multi-Layered

A popular expression in the business world is that none of us is as smart as all of us. The implication here is clear. Multiple people will come up with better ideas than an individual most of the time. This philosophy is the beauty of CAAS.

In most small budget organizations, a single person is responsible for all copy. Contrast that to the CAAS setup. Such services will have several people involved in the content creation process. A project manager will orchestrate dissemination of assignments. A writer or group of writers will craft the first draft. Then, an editor will proof and add notes about areas of improvement when necessary. Once the writer and editor agree on the quality of the work, they’ll submit it to the project manager for final approval.

These three levels of oversight assure the quality of the work. More importantly, each individual is a proven content creator with years of experience in the field. Just as you have demonstrable skill in your chosen profession, these workers have honed their talents over time. When you choose CAAS, proven experts create all your content.

CAAS Is More Manageable

When you write copy for your business, you’re limited by both skill and available hours. Each minute you spend writing is time better served doing something else. You also can’t expect to know every single detail of your industry, even if you ultimately aspire to that goal.

CAAS gives you the power to determine what goes on your site. You become the content manager without feeling the stress of writing. Any story that you feel is worthy of presentation on your site is possible. You simply need to find a CAAS that you trust and let them handle the writing process.

You’ll wind up with content that Google loves. Plus, you’ll save yourself the stress of facing a blank page, liberating you to work on the skills that will better serve you in your profession. CAAS is amazing in this regard. You maintain control of your copy and guarantee its quality without having to do any of the writing in-house. It’s the best kind of website outsourcing, which explains its growing popularity.

CAAS Is Scalable

One of the realities of your business is that you have busy and slow periods. For example, accountants build toward tax return season and quarterly financial reports. Retailers prioritize the holiday season but most foster interest the rest of the year to survive. Both situations come with content creation challenges.

The beauty of CAAS is that you add content at your pace. You may want to start slow or buy less during the offseason for your business. When you need a lot of it, you simply purchase more. You control the entire distribution process in scalable fashion, which is a manufacturer’s dream. Given the importance of scalability for a business, it’s understandable why so many companies are turning to CAAS.

Content as a service is an idea whose time has come. It’s a sublime strategy for universal improvement of your company’s Google rankings. Each piece of content you request will have the unmistakable professional quality necessary to differentiate you from your peers, thereby boosting traffic via search engine results. You’ll have more opportunities for sales than ever before.